Participation Of GM Trajtenberg And Master Ferrando In Sport Accord Convention

ITF has initiated a process to integrate into Sport Accord, for this issue, Master Loboda with his team by mandate of the Board, more than a year ago started a process for the preparation of a dossier about our ITF and its members, which was officially launched with our application in Sport Accord.

Our President GM Trajtenberg, and Secretary General Master Ferrando for first time have participated in the Convention of Sport Accord held in London from the 6th to 9th april, in which made ​​multiple contacts with officials of the organization, Presidents and delegates from other sports federations, delivering to many delegates, the wonderful work book of Master Loboda.

The experience was very good, and we hope in a medium term, to have a succesfull result of the hard work done, and be part of this prestigious organization.



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