Sixth visit of GM Hector Marano to Israel

On june 6th arrived to Israel GM Hector Marano.

During that afternoon, GM Marano, instructor of Mr. Leonardo Oros Duek, was invited to be part of the examination for 1st, 2nd and 6th degree.


This event took part in Yokneam Communal Center, the exams were conducted by the Examinary Comission of Israel, the President Mr. Danny Roth, Technical Director Mr. Mario Cosacow (who got his 6th degree) and General Secretary Mr. Leonardo Oros Duek.


The exam was a complete success, Israel has now 19 black belts, 6 second degrees and 1 sixth degree.

On June 7th at Zichron Yaakov Communal Center took part 2 technical courses conducted by GM Marano.

In the morning session it was for coloured belts, from blue belt and beyond, the class started with warming up exersices by Mr. Mario Cosacow.


GM Marano started his technical course with patterns and the aplication of each movement.

The students enjoyed the wisdom of GM Marano, clarify their doubts and GM Marano congratulate them for their interesting questions.

The course ended with a loud applause to GM Marano, and GM Marano also congratulate all TKD Israel members and its representatives.

On June 8th during the morning, and instructor course took part, where everyone was able to clarify doubts and ask questions regarding the past two courses attended.

At night took place a banquet honoring gm marano. There was mr efraim barak, international lawyer for sport matters and legal representative of the TKD Israel Association. Mr Moti Askmit was also there, Mr. Askmit is the speaker of Israel Basketball Asociation and helps in the development of ITF Taekwon-Do in Israel.

It was a very emotional night because there was a video presentation with all the Taekwon-do ITF activities that took place in Israel and abroad since 2003, it also had images of GM Marano visits to Israel.

General Secretary Leonardo Oros Duek thanked his instructor for all these years of constant support, and for being always near him, no matter the geographical distance between them. He also thanks the members of the Board of Directors, President Mr. Danny Roth, Technical Director and Vice President Mario Cosacow and co founder of Israeli Taekwon-do Center Mr. Luis Sajnovetzky and Jorge Cosacow for his work for the development of Taekwondo ITF in Israel.

During this banquet, the Israel Taekwondo Center also presented its 2nd IIC as host country, that will take place in December 2012. The organisers are looking forward to receive practitioners from all over the world for this unforgetable experience.

Yours in Taekwondo,
Leonardo Oros Duek
General Secretary TKD-Israel

Date: 2012-01-16 20:18:00
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