President´s Message - December 2011

We bid farewell to this intense 2011, which goes by leaving the pleasure of each moment enjoyed and the achievements we shared together. And here starts 2012, brimming with hopes and projects.

(December 28th, 2011)

A new version of the World Cup lies in store for us, which will launch a renewed refereeing system, with updated rules in order to render tournaments more fair and attractive and we wish to summon you all so that you may take part as referees in these championships, fulfilling an honored tradition.

We will be supplied with a new badge to be placed alongside our traditional one and this will enable us to identify as a group who knows where it´s headed and has clear aims, based on the transparency of its procedures.

A new web site will be at our disposal, with an updated layout, as well as a program with brand-new credentials and endowed with an informatics system soon to be available for all affiliated countries.

2012 will be a year where new projects would start: Kids development program, and dissemination of teaching the Do.

I wish to appeal to each of our members to adopt the utmost cordiality in our dealings with one another, where knowledge prevails over grading, and for those of us who perform duties of high responsibility always carry them out with the consensus of the majority, as it is for their sake that we go about our daily tasks.

The Board of Directors makes up a solid team which requires permanent drive from all of you, for what was once born as Korean Karate has now become international Taekwon-Do, without frontiers among countries, or race, religious or gender boundaries.

Wholeheartedly, I wish you to enjoy excellent health, surrounded by your dearest ones, with peace and love, which will enable you to make all your goals possible.

With affection,
Pablo Trajtenberg
ITF President

Date: 2012-01-18 19:23:00
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