Report of the 69th IIC in Hong Kong

The Hong Kong Taekwon-do Federation hosted the 69th International Instructor Course in Hong Kong. The course was conducted by the ITF Technical Committee which included Grandmaster Marano, Grandmaster Bos , and with great pleasure the presence of ITF President Grandmaster Trajtenberg.

The seminar was held at 29th to 30th October. A total of more than one hundred from 13 countries Australia, China, Ethiopia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Jamaica, Japan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Malaysia, Puerto Rico, Uzbekistan and Vietnam in attendance.

At the beginning of the IIC showing respect to Gen. Choi

The IIC consisted of instruction on all 24 patterns, sparring, step sparring and self-defense. The instruction was great and very much enjoyed by all participant.

GM Marano correcting U shape grasp to Mr Yanagi
GM Marano correcting twin forearm block
GM Marano correcting weding block
GM Bos teaching one step sparring
GM Bos showing leg excercises
Left: GM Marano correcting low block. Right: GM Bos in self defense session.

The Asian metting was held on Friday organized by Master Yu with the presence of GM Trajtenberg and GM Bos.

GM Trajtenberg, GM Bos and Master Yu with the representatives of the Asian countries
GM Trajtenberg with GM Bos and Master Yu during the Asian metting

A dinner that all participant and support team attended on Saturday evening with the ITF President and Conducting Grandmasters and Masters.

On Friday, before IIC took part also Examination the candidates were promoted including 3 black belts for 4th degree, 1 black belt for 5th degree, 5 black belts for 6 degree and Tommy Tsoi set for Master. My compliments for all of them.

Warm Regards,
Master Alfred Yu
President Hong Kong Taekwon-do Federation

Date: 2012-01-18 19:15:00
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