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(October 17th, 2011)



What is the Do in Taekwon-Do?

Is it a musical note, the stuff you make bread with, a baby deer or maybe that funny thing Homer Simpson always says? DUH! Hmmm…. for Kid Kicks the Do is an attitude and a commitment to live a responsible life which nurtures you, your family, and your community.

The tenets of Taekwon-Do are simple ways to understand the Do. Be polite, be honest, don’t give up, have self control and be a good sport if you loose the gold medal match! Think about others: how you can make their lives better and not just yours?

General Choi said “all the years of hard training will be nothing without paying attention to the Do” Kid Kicks agree.

Share with your friends and neighbours, help your parents, stay calm, finish what you start and always believe in yourself!

Hello Japan

Sambo Matsogi

Sang Sewo Jirugi

Kids love TKD everywhere!

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Grand Master Trajtenberg as a young red belt

Still Best Friends

Wellington, 2011
Photo Doug Hannah
Did You Know???

At the 2011 World Championships in Wellington New Zealand Grand Master Pablo Trajtenberg was unanimously elected the new president of the International Taekwon-Do Federation. Kid Kicks has asked him a few questions about when he started Taekwon-Do as a youth.

When did you start TKD?
I start my practice in 1968 and in that time the name of Taekwon-Do in the advertisement was "Korean Karate". My first Instructor was a Korean Master Nam Sung Choi. He was a very inspiring instructor.

What did you like best about your classes?
I really liked the jumping and the high kicks.

Who was your best friend?
Believe it or not my best friend was Hector Marano who today is a 9th degree and chair of the Technical Committee. We never dreamed of how fantastic TKD would be for us. It can be amazing for you too.

Why do you think ITF Taekwon-Do is a good activity for boys and girls?
ITF Taekwon-Do helps keep kids motivated and inspired. Kids learn to believe in themselves, make friends, share experiences and feel great!

Why did you continue with TKD after your first Dan test?
I could never think to stop my training- It was such a good thing for me and still is.

How well do you know

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The composition of Taekwon-Do consists
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