Great success of the 1st ITF Convention

From 6 to 11 September at the Gran Hotel Bali in Benidorm, the 1st convention of the ITF, the Convention was attend by many Masters, Instructors from different countries such as Argentina, Canada, Usa, Germany, Italy, Poland, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Netherlands, Switzerland, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Ireland, England, Scotland, New Zealand, Costa Rica, Greece, Austria. With the presence of 3 Grandmasters Dan IX, 4 Senior Masters VIII Dan, 12 Dan Masters VII and many instructors.

(September 17th, 2011)

The different Workshops of the Convention was:


Grand Master Hector Marano, Gran Master Willem J. Bos and by GM Ung Kim Lan , conducted the IIC, with great success as usual for them, in which was discussed about technique and how to train and develop knowledge of the forms, techniques and applications. All participants could enjoy the knowledge of the Grand Masters and learned many technical details of the 24 patterns, face to face techniques, grappling, wrestling, were stretching training for 3 days.

The President of the ITF, GM Trajtenberg, Secretary General Master Ferrando, and the entire Executive Committee were present, most of them were training for the IIC, in addition to meetings and the rest of the convention.

After IIC exams took place degree examination on major categories, Ms. Vera Haynymen, was promoted to 4th Dan, Mr. Alejandro Banega and Mr. Jose Luis Diego, was promoted to 6th dan, and Mr. Adalbert Wagner, was promoted to 7th Dan, with the title of Master, CONGRATULATIONS to all of them.

Receiving the diploma

The atmosphere that was experienced was very good and the comments we received from participants was excellent, representing the Technical Committee, my thanks to the ITF and all of them.

Master Weiller and master Gialamas during a warm up session
GM Marano correcting checking block to Alejandro Banega
Master Wheatley and Mr Gauhtier training grabing techniques
GM Lan and self defense techniques
GM Bos teaching upward punch in Yong Gae tul
Master Andersen and master Garnes during step sparring
Master Loboda training grabing techniques


Teaching the "DO" workshop

This programe was conducted by Dr. Gauthier and Miss Juliette Tran and assited by Mr. Mark Banicevich.

“DO” is an essential component of Taekwon-Do because that is mental and internal part of Taekwon-do, Taekwon is the physical and the mental and Do is the mental work.

We learned that problems of contemporary society about the lack of ethical and moral principles, are faced by practicing Taekwondo, part of the study in which the principles of Taekwon-Do of "courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self control and indomitable spirit" forms training and teaching.

All participants were impressed by the workshop and the practice and training methods. Many of them ask to ITF for increasing seminars that deal with the “DO”.





Child education program

Conducted by Master Nardizzi and Mr. Fabian Izquierdo, (designer of the book).

Both impressed the participants for their methods for conducting a KIDS class, they showed the new form of education, for this modern times, and how lack of values ​​for younger.

ITF require more attention to teaching the younger, having created new programs for children from 3 years named "Development KIDS program", and Master Nardizzi and Mr. Izquierdo showed which were new ways to treat and teach children from three years, with games and other methods that capture the interest of the younger, how to boost your confidence, avoiding complex, improving their coordination and physical preparation . This program was one of the stars of the Convention on the importance and concern that we have in the ITF in teaching children.





Workshop on development and management of schools

Was conducted by Master Andressen and Mr. Van Schaik.

This workshop was a request by many professional members of ITF, was concerned with the professional training, it has been show how important is the management for chairman of sports centers and how to be successful in their career, this agenda was on development and organization of schools and clubs to teach Taekwon-do, anything of great importance for the successful implementation of taekwon-do schools, which is what helps us to project the taekwon-do.



First aid workshop

Conducted by Dr. Francisco Mira.

An accident at a gym can end the career of an instructor, which is why so important to have some knowledge about how to react to these situations, Dr. Mira clarified many doubts on this agenda and complete knowledge of our Masters and Instructors.





Warm up work shop

Conducted by our senior Vice-President Master Weiler.

Once again the Master Paul Weiler showed us his knowledge in this field, showing exercises that that even in the past were used they should not be done because their practice can result in lesions in our body, and he showed which exercises should be practiced in the place. Prevention is better than cure.



This Convention been coordinated by Master Weiler, and once again demonstrated their professionalism and success. Congratulations Master Weiler.

Following the workshop spoke about toning warm up and avoid injuries during the development and practice of Taekwon-Do.

The last and how to act in case of injury during class, this workshop was led by Dr. Frco. Mira doctor in Benidorm Hospital.

At the conclusion of the Convention, all expressed their satisfaction with the agenda and organization, inquiring about date and place of the next convention.


GM Hector Marano
Chairman of ITF Technical Committee

Date: 2012-01-18 19:07:00
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