The ITF’s 66th IIC in Ocho Rios, St. Ann Jamaica

The International Taekwon-Do Federation’s 66th International Instructors’ Course was held in Ocho Rios, St. Ann Jamaica at the Sunset Jamaica Grande Resort, Spa & Conference Centre from Thursday August 18, to Saturday August 21, 2011. In attendance were 79 participants from seven (7) countries (Jamaica, Trinidad, Anguilla, Puerto Rico, USA, Canada and Barbados).

IIC Participants with Grand Masters’ Marano and Bos
GM Bos and streching session.
GM Marano correcting W-shape block to Mr Arthur Barrows.
Left: GM Bos teaching correcting fist. Right: GM Marano correcting rear foot stance.
Left: GM Marano showing the application of pressing block with twin palm to Mr Ottensen. Right: Master Pete Lue training.
GM Bos teaching application of the movement in pattern Choon -Jang.

A Senior Black belt testing was held on Friday August 19, 2011. The candidates for promotion were from 3 countries (Jamaica, Canada and Puerto Rico). All seven candidates were successful. The following people were promoted:

  • Michael Barker (Canada) – Promoted to 7 degree
  • Harrison Chin-Hing (Jamaica) – Promoted to 6 degree
  • Gordon Black (Jamaica) – Promoted to 6 degree
  • Roan Bowes (Jamaica) – Promoted to 6 degree
  • Joleen Masters (Jamaica) – Promoted to 5 degree
  • Rodolfo Rivera (Puerto Rico) – Promoted to 5 degree
  • Melissa Gonzales (Puerto Rico) – Promoted to 4 degree
Promoted candidates with their certificates

The feedback from the participants is that the course was excellent and enjoyable; for many Jamaicans, this was their 1st International Instructors’ Course and it will be a memorable one. Master Michael Barker, from Canada, is the 1st ITF Taekwon-Do Master to be tested on Jamaican soil and he stated after his promotion, that “Jamaica is a special place”.

Master Michael Barker with GM Marano and Bos

The Jamaica Taekwon-Do Association thanks the International Taekwon-Do Federation (ITF), Grand Master Hector Marano and Grand Master Willem Bos for making this experience a reality.

Mr Arthur Barrows
Jamaica Taekwon-Do Association President


Some comments from the participants:

  • Taekwon, this is the best IIC I ever attended, the passion and the knowlege of the Grand masters are admirable and an example to follow.
    Thank you for teach us not only the technical matters also to be a better person.
    Mr Rodolfo Riviere Vazquez, 5th Degree, Puerto Rico
  • The IIC was fulfilling us as usual through the explanation of our art Great Experience.
    Mr Jason McKay, Jamaica
  • I took a few IIC , but this one was the better I took a lot of benefit. Thank you, Grand Masters.
    Mr Paul Waithe, Trinidad y Tobago
  • Excellent course Grand Masters Marano and Bos. Thank you very much.
    Master Michael Barker 7th Degree, Canada
  • Thank you Grand Masters, you always give us motivation, knowledge and help us to be a better Taekwondoist.
    Mr. Gato, Puerto Rico.
  • I think the IIC was excellent, the Grand Masters are so passionate, that they breath Taekwon-do and transfer the feeling to us. Thank you very much.
    Mrs Martha Hernandez, New York
  • One of my best experience, I learned a lot not only technically also as a person. Is great to see the Grand Masters how they perform the techniques and his way of teaching. Thank you very much for this unforgettable experience. TAEKWON.
    Mrs Melissa Gonzalez, Puerto Rico
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