GM Kim-Lan Ung and Master Paul Weiler at Viet Nam, Singapore, Philippines and Indonesia

25 Vietnamese Instructors from 2nd degree to 7th degree participated at a seminar in Ho Chi Minh City which has been conducted by GM Kim-Lan Ung and Master Paul Weiler on July 23rd and 24th 2011. Almost all facets of Taekwon-Do were instructed: Fundamental exercises, warming up, Pattern, Sparring, Self-Defence and TKD philosophy.

Participants of the Viet Nam seminar
GM Ung explain the philosophy of TKD
GM Ung at the entrance of the school when he was living with his parents in Ho Chi Minh City



GM Ung and Master Weiler had talks with the Vice President of Singapore TKD Federation (STF), Dr. Lee Chee Wee, on July 25th and 27th to establish a new ITF.



The weather was not very good when GM Ung and Master Weiler arrived at Manila on July 27th. In July the rainy season with typhoons is very strong. Therefore only a few students were able to participate but with big enthusiasm and the will to learn. Also at Philippines the facets of TKD has been instructed by the GM and Master.

Left: Master Weiler with Self-Defence technique. Right: GM Ung correcting sang palmok makgi
Black belt participants at the Philippines seminar



The last station of the trip to South East Asia region was Indonesia at Tangerang City (close to Jakarta) on July 30th and 31st. The seminar was finished with the promotion test for Mr. Aryono Dennis (President of International Taekwon-Do Foundation of Indonesia = ITFI) and Mr. Rico Fransz (Secretary General of ITFI). Both have been promoted to 5th degree.

Master Weiler shows dollimyo makgi
After the promotion test: GM Ung (far right), Mr. Rico Fransz (right), Mr. Aryono Dennis (left) and Master Paul Weiler (far left)



The decision of the ITF Board of Directors to support and help the countries of Viet Nam, Singapore, Philippines and Indonesia with the send out of GM Ung and Mst. Weiler was very good. The program with technical and administrative themes was helpful and very much appreciated by the participants. It directed also to a better understanding of the different structures in the countries for the ITF representatives and it was discussed to repeat this kind of service for the members.

Master Paul Weiler

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