Master Weiler and Master Ferrando visit Kazakhstan

Master Ferrando (ITF Secretary General) and Master Weiler (ITF Senior Vice-President) have been traveling to Kazakhstan to study the situation of Central Asia and prepare the development of the area.



Several meetings was held with representatives of Central Asia. The Masters clarified the official position of the ITF regarding the differents groups that whish to join ITF. On Saturday, June 25th in the evening, a meeting with the representatives of all federations/associations hold by Masters Weiler and ferrando who promised that ITF will help the development of central Asia after listening the concern of our members, the masters axplained that in November an IIC will be held in Hong Kong and next year one IIC could be organiced in Central Asia.

A meeting with the Director of the Ministry of Sport of Kazakhstan was hold, who explained that his minitry will support ITF KAZAKHSTAN, the new NA will be performed by the association leaded by Mr. Mamedov and the Federation leaded by Mr. Amanzholov , who took the decision to work together.


One Seminar and Promotion was held in Almaty, with the participation of 26 adults and 15 kids, The people have a good capability but they need more support. Dirng the seminar 2 people have been promoted, Mrs. Nurisa Mambetalieva to 5th degree (Kyrgyztan) and Mr. Yugay to 6th degree (Uzbekistan). Congratulations to both.

Date: 2012-01-16 19:31:00
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