63rd IIC in Clearwater, Florida

The International Taekwon-Do Federation 63rd International Instructors Course held in Clearwater Florida was a great success. With approximately 110 in attendance, Led by GM Pablo Trajtenberg and GM Hector Marano, Special Guest GM Van Binh, President of ITF-USA. Master Peter Thibado, Host of the event, was elected to Vice President of the ITF-USA at a special Congress meeting held during the event.

(May 27th, 2011)

Technical aspects of patterns, sparring, self-defense, step-sparring, were imparted with excellence and clarity as usual from the Grand Masters. The wisdom of these gentlemen came through their teaching of the philosophy of TaeKwon-Do. Demonstrating by their actions, thoughts and skills that Taekwon-Do is a way of life. Many participants expressed to me they could feel the sincerity and depth of the truth in the teaching. Clearwater Beach was a great setting for the event. The banquet Saturday night poolside at the beach with the sunset created a great opportunity for meeting new friends and reminiscing with old friends.

All showing respect to Gen Choi, at the begining of the IIC
GM Marano teaching So San tul
GM Trajtenberg teaching Ju-Che tul
GM Trajtenberg teaching back fist
GM Van Binh in a self defense session

Eight Masters were in attendance including Master Thibado, Master Nunez ATFI President, Master Ruben Suarez Sr VP ITF-USA, Master DelCid, Master Candelario, Master Downey, Master Carrera, Master Primm.

Mr Ottensen in one step sparring
Mr Gato and Master Carrera
Master Nunez training during the IIC
Master Downey in one step sparring
Master Suarez and master Downey
Mr Jonathan Batista, heavy weight world champion in a free sparring session

The grading Saturday evening was private for Master Primm, with the Grand Masters presiding. Masters Thibado and Carrera presided over the testing of three 4th Dans one third Dan and two second dans. Promoted to 4th Dan were Orlando Millan, Peggy Allan, Edward Davila. To 3rd Dan Sam Kliensasser and second Dan Scott Maxwell and Alvin Ortiz. Harmony seemed to be the overall theme, harmony in your movement, in your body, in your relationships, and in your life!

GM Marano with all 5th degree and up

Great Taekwon-Do Teaching, Thank You Grand Masters!

Master Peter Thibado


Some comments from the participants:

  • I have been in many IIC, but this one was the best so far, the Grand Master getting better every year.
    Master Frank Primm USA
  • Very good balance between all Taekwon-do components, the Grand Master are very expert and inspiring human being.
    Mr. Jerome Berube Quebec Canada
  • This is my first IIC and I was extremely impressed with the deep knowledge of the Grand Master. Definitely, I’m looking for the next IIC.
    Mr. Edward J. Dávila USA
  • Thank you so much Grand Masters for share with us your deep knowledge, I have a great time in this IIC.
    Mr. Oscar Perez USA
  • The IIC was excellent, I think we need to spend a little more time in the IIC, and work more in step sparring.
    Thank you Master Ruben Suarez USA
  • Very good IIC, I appreciated the explanation of the techniques in Pattern, as well the discussion of the “DO” aspect.
    Mr. Travis Young USA
  • I enjoy every IIC attended, thank you so much.
    Mrs Becky Faaborg
Date: 2012-01-16 19:24:00
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