What an experience!

Last week end was held the 62th IIC at Riccione in Italy, 110 participants from 11 countries: Italy, Ireland, England, Germany, France, Switzerland, Bosnia, Czech Republic, Albania, Lebanon and Ukraine.

GM Trajtenberg teaching Protocol

The course was led by ITF Technical Committee composed on GM Marano, GM Bos and GM Ung Kin Lan. Special guest was GM Pablo Trajtenberg President of the ITF. Were also invited Master Weiler and Master Ferrando, respectively Senior Vice President and Secretary General of the ITF, they have taken the opportunity to meet and discuss the future project of the International Taekwon-Do Federation.

The opening of the IIC
Showing respect to Gen Choi

The course was held at the gym “Pattinodromo” sufficiently spacious to allow all the participants to work out without problems. Participants have a high technical level that we precede quickly with the program, questions are numerous and the Teachers give evidence of their knowledge and competence, as you already know GM Marano is like a living encyclopaedia. Unfortunately, after the incident where he was the victim, GM Bos can move only with on crutches so he can’t express his talent in teaching. He looks like a lion in a cage! However we can feel always his presence.

Gm Marano and the application of rising block
GM Lan showing grabbing techniques
Left: GM Marano and GM Lan talking about side front block. Right: Master Weiller correcting twin forearm block.

For the Italians GM Ung is a welcome change, his technical knowledge on sparring and competition matters was a great success among the participants, his charisma and his humility capture everyone’s attention.

In the end all participants enjoyed the course very much.

ITF Board Members and IIC Team in the welcome party

Many thanks to the Italian Taekwon-Do Federation (FITAE) for hosting this 62th IIC, another successful event organized!

Master Giovanni Cecconato
President F.I.T.A.E.


Some comments from the participants

  • Very well organized, sufficient time, excellent atmosphere, able to ask questions. Grand Masters are very approachable and knowledgeable.
  • The course has been excellent. All aspects of pattern and sparring were covered in complete detail and a professional way. It has been a complete pleasure to attend.
  • The course has been nice and complete, maybe we can work more on the DO part , so I can transfer it better to my students in the Gym.
  • The course was very well organized with a very good Grand Masters, was too short , maybe can add more hours.
  • Great, excellent, very nice, funny, shoul be obligatory for all the Taekwon-do instructors. Thank you for everything.
  • This course has been worth every Euro and miles travelled. It has been a great learning experience and I look forward to the next one.
    Mr. Jaime Campins VI Degree
  • Absolutely fantastic!!! The knowledge, explanations and enthusiasm of the Grand Masters was refreshing and inspiring. Looking forward for the next one Many thank.
    Mr. John Archer VI degree England
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