Report of IIC in Ireland

The IIC hosted by the Irish Taekwon-Do Association (ITA), in Tralee, Ireland from January 28th – 30th was a great success. 138 people took part in the course from red belt to 8th Dan, including 50 4th Dan and above and 5 masters. Participants came from 9 countries; Ireland, England, Scotland, Wales, Ukraine, Spain, Jamaica, Belgium and Norway. The course was conducted by the ITF technical committee of Grandmaster Marano, Chairman of the technical committee, Grandmaster Trajtenberg acting President of the ITF and Grandmaster Bos, Secretary General of the ITF. The Grandmasters did an excellent jobover the three days of the course. They displayed fantastic knowledge that left participants with no doubt about the technical aspects of Taekwon-Do, inspired the participants with their passion and knowledge, and motivated everyone to train hard, stay in shape and always strive to put on the dobok and improve.

Arrival of participants

Upon arrival all participants were greeted by the organising committee and as they registered received their ID cards, free t-shirt of the IIC and free pen as well as an info pack containing information on the IIC and the local area.

The venue

The venue for the IIC was the Brandon Hotel, Conference and Leisure Centre, in the heart of the town of Tralee. Having the IIC and accommodation in the same building made the course more enjoyable and convenient for everyone. The IIC hall was very well decorated with banners of the ITF & AETF logos, pictures of the founder and of GM Tran, and large banners showing different aspects of Taekwon-Do. Outside the Conference Centre a large banner hung so that passers-by could take notice of the prestigious Taekwon-Do event being held in the town.

Opening ceremony

As part of the opening ceremony the organising committee wanted to make the Grandmasters feel at home so the mayor of the town officially welcomed the Grandmasters to the town of Tralee and presented each of them with the medal of the town, gold with the official town emblem engraved on it.

The course

The IIC promised to be a great event and the Grandmasters did not disappoint. Over the three days all aspects of ITF Taekwon-Do were taught and every participant put in a big effort in their training, motivated by the Grandmasters. Some participants described the atmosphere during the IIC as “a family atmosphere” and the Grandmasters added to this by being very approachable and willing to answer questions and clarify any doubts. Grandmaster Marano astounded participants with his knowledge of the patterns as he referenced pictures and pages from the encyclopedia verbatim. Grandmaster Bos, as always inspired participants with his excellent physical shape, his motivating teaching style and innovative ideas on teaching all aspects of Taekwon-Do. Grandmaster Trajtenberg exudes positivity and wisdom and with his anecdotes of times with General Choi clarifies every question with technical and background information.

GM Trajtenberg, teaching one step sparring.
GM Bos in streching session.
GM Marano correcting reverse knife hand block to Master O´Toole.
GM Bos training basic movements.
GM Marano correcting to Master Wheatley.
GM Trajtenberg showing how to perform Back Fist.
GM Marano correcting upward block to Mr Ryan.
GM Bos showing Back fist in Eui-Am Tul.


On the Saturday afternoon there was a promotional examination conducted by the ITF technical committee. Five people took part in the exam of which four were successfully promoted. Among them was a new Master for the ITF and Ireland, Master Patrick O’Rourke, who has been practicing Taekwon-Do since 1974.

List of promoted:
 No. Name Country Degree
1.Master Patrick O’RourkeIrishVII
2.Mr. Robin BlairScottishVI
 No. Name Country Degree
3.Mr. Donal O’DonoghueIrish V
4.Mr. Oleg SoloveyUkrainianV


The banquet was attended by 114 people who enjoyed a three-course meal and had the opportunity to experience some of Irelands unique culture. A group of young and very talented musicians entertained the crowd with some traditional Irish music, dancing and singing. The crowd really enjoyed the entertainment and there was plenty of clapping, cheering and singing along with the music.

Closing ceremony

The IIC was officially closed on Sunday afternoon. During the closing ceremony the organising committee presented the technical committee with some gifts, including the IIC t-shirt, Official CD of the course (500 photos) and a very special gift of a personalized bottle of 12 year old Jameson reserve Whiskey. Each bottle was specially commissioned with the name of the Grandmasters engraved on the bottle.

The ITF Children’s program

During the IIC Master DonatoNardizzi from England and Mr. Fabian Izqueirdo from Argentina worked on the official ITF childrensprogramme. On Sunday afternoon they made a presentation to the Grandmasters of their work on the programme.

Feedback from participants

The feedback from the participants was extremely positive and all were complimentary of the work from the organising committee and the ITF Technical Committee.

A selection of photos can be viewed on the ITA website gallery at

List of participants (in order of registration):
 No. Name Country Degree
1.Michael CluneIrishII
2.Adrian O´MahoneyIrishVI
3.Laura CullenIrishIII
4.Stephen RyanIrishV
5.Patrick TimoneyScottishIV
6.Jacqueline TimoneyScottishIV
7.Garry ShawScottishIV
8.Donal O´DonoghueIrishV
9.Michael MurphyIrishV
10.Adrian ByrneIrishV
11.John BurtonIrish1stKup
12.Angela KeaneIrishII
13.Anne Marie KinsellaIrishIV
14.Kevin KinsellaIrishV
15.Paul WoodsIrish2ndKup
16.Daniel DillonIrishIII
17.James McCarthyIrish2ndKup
18.Robert SullivanIrishII
19.Sinclair D. KingstonIrishI
20.Alan HigginsIrishII
21.Naoise StackIrishI
22.Nicole MoriartyIrishI
24.Kevin BurkeIrishI
25.Ciaran PfifferIrishI
26.Craig HancockWelshIII
27.Gemma ThomasWelshI
28.Christopher JermynWelshIII
29.Hollie RobertsWelshII
30.Leanne CasleyWelshIV
31.Paul JermynWelshV
32.Antony WilcoxWelshIV
33.Darren RigneyIrishII
34.Jamie RigneyIrishV
35.John Patrick O´RourkeIrishVII
36.John CorishIrish2ndKup
37.Brian CouglanIrishV
38.Michael DolanIrishI
39.Kevin BraggIrish1stKup
40.Tim CooteIrish1stKup
41.Tom TrenchIrish1stKup
42.Padraig O´BrienIrishII
43.Paul FloodyIrishIII
44.Alan McDonaghIrishIV
45.Andrew MaherIrishII
46.David ClancyIrishI
47.Paul DohertyIrish2ndKup
48.Jonathan WallisIrish2ndKup
49.Stephen KinsellaIrish1stKup
50.Niall CorriganIrishI
51.Declan McMullenIrishIV
52.Master Kenneth WheatleyIrishVII
53.John McKissockScottishVI
54.Raymond ConnorIrishIII
55.Thomas ConnorIrishV
56.Leonard CoughlanIrishIII
57.Hannah BushWelshI
58.Rhiannon ErnestWelshII
59.Ken LeahyIrishV
60.Nigel StobieIrishV
61.Michael O´MahonyIrishI
62.John NgIrishIV
63.Ronnie DewhurstScottishIII
64.Robin BlairScottishVI
65.Anthony McKennaEnglishVI
66.Sara DillonIrishI
67.Wayne DeleaIrishIV
68.Tony MacDonaghIrishIV
69.Olwen LewisIrishI
 No. Name Country Degree
70.Aoife BarryIrish2ndKup
71.Fiona BowdrenIrish2ndKup
72.Johnathan MiloudiIrishII
73.Niamh O´SullivanIrish1stKup
74.Pat BarryIrishVI
75.Sarah BarryIrishII
76.Paul DeleaIrishVI
77.Amy DeleaIrishI
78.Tim KillenIrishI
79.Pat FordeirishI
80.Terry DonnellyIrishVI
81.Timothy P. FordeIrishVI
82.Derek HanlonIrishIII
83.Conor HanlonIrish1stKup
84.Edward DillonirishI
85.Gary IngramScottishII
86.Sarah MooreirishI
87.David McNairnScottishVI
88.John MoriartyIrishI
89.Shahbaz BokhariPakistani1stKup
90.Leanne EganIrish1stKup
91.Mark BuckleyIrishVI
92.Philip McAuliffeIrishII
93.Aine MoroneySwiss/Irish2ndKup
94.Andrew KnoxScottishI
95.Connor O´DonovanIrish2ndKup
96.Jerome Quillirish1stKup
97.Katy LaffanIrishI
98.Luke LaffanIrishII
99.Taylor AucklandIrishI
100.Tiarnan MoriartyIrishI
101.Marcin OworuszkoPolishIV
102.Sebastian DandocziRomanian2ndKup
103.Darren DohertyIrishII
104.Jeroen WezelmanDutchI
105.Richard AboudIrishI
106.Christopher AboudIrish2ndKup
107.Darren SmithIrishIV
108.Claude ChinJamaicanVI
109.Jason McKayJamaicanIII
110.Master Kim AndersonBritishVII
111.Carl NormanBritishII
112.Ozzie BelaziUSAI
113.Oleg SoloveyUkranianV
114.Oleg PetrovskyiUkranianVI
115.Master Val DouglasIrishVII
116.Master Brendan O´TooleirishVIII
117.Master Mark HuttonScottishVII
118.David MurphyScottishVI
119.Daniel McGheeScottishII
120.Charles McDonaldScottishV
121.Alan DuntonIrishIII
122.Cathal McCarthyIrishIII
123.Dylan FitzgibbonIrishII
124.John FitzgibbonIrishII
125.Nicole O´DonovanIrishI
126.Emma JusticeIrishI
127.Luke Sebastien SantarelliNorwayI
128.Peter CrosbieIrishIV
129.Irene GreeneIrishI
130.Claire ColganIrish1stKup
131.Rodney ConnollyIrishI
132.Niall JonesIrishV
133.Megan LynchIrish1stKup
134.Emmanuel FantacciBelgiumV
135.Adam Greyirish2ndKup
136.Gareth CurranIrishIII
137.Shane O´RourkeIrishII
138.Matthew TroyIrishIII

Some comments from the participants

  • I got a better understanding of the patterns and also good techniques for stretching and sparring.
    Thank you Mr Adam Grey
  • This is my sixth IIC, I can’t wait for the next one. Thank you.
    Mr Rodney Connolly
  • Eexcellent… Very good 100%.
    Mr Timothy Forde
  • Love it!!! Really enjoyable, can”t wait for the next one, thank you.
    Mrs Amy Delea
  • Fantastic IIC, really enjoyed, thank you for your continuous hard work.
  • Excellent!!!
    Mr Kevin Bragg
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