The 59 International Instructors Course in Costa Rica

Thanks Gran Master Pablo Trajtenberg, Grand Master Hector Marano and the International Taekwon-do Federation ITF for the big opportunity, definitely the best for Central America, the power to acquire the knowledge of such great instructors.

This weekend we had the 59 International Instructors Course in Costa Rica to which was a success, which not only learned from our mistakes but also opened our eyes to a growth in the martial art we love, thanks to ITF Costa Rica had the opportunity to yield to our brothers in art and heart El Salvador, Honduras , Nicaragua, Guatemala and Argentina of the IIC International Instructors Course in which get closer to a better growth in ITF all Central America, courses that are definitely maximized in order to improve, standardize and unify the art of TaeKwon-Do. Success is achieved through humility, perseverance and effort thank you very much Grand Masters for giving us the tools.

Gm Trajtenberg teaching grabbing techniques.

GM Trajtenberg showing basic movements.

GM Marano correcting one step sparring to Mr Barahona from Guatemala.

GM Marano correcting middle block to Mr Efrain Garcia from El Salvador.

Francisco Quijano Guzman
Secretario General
Costa Rica

Some comments from the participants

  • The IIC was excellent and with quality, I’m just joined to ITF and it was a right decision. My compliments for everything’s.
    Mr. Ronald Vasquez Gonzalez Costa Rica
  • Very interesting, was an honor your presence in Costa Rica. Thank you.
    Mr. Reynier Arce Centeno
  • It was very motivating, the correction of the patterns excellent. Many thank for yourknowledge.
    Mr. Joaquin Rivas El Salvador
  • Was excellent to know every movement and the application of each of them, please come again soon.
    Mr Javier Balladares
  • I liked the IIC a lot, specially the self-defense techniques. Thank you.
    Mr. Carlos Wong Guatemala
  • Excellent IIC, the quality and the way of teaching. Compliments.
    Mr. Carlos Martinez El Salvador
Date: 2011-06-29 19:03:34
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