Important Umpire Information

Having a great team of Umpires will be a key factor in the success of the upcoming 2011 World Championships. We welcome those who are qualified to Umpire at a World Championships to now read the following message from Master Katz carefully.

  1. All information relating to the Competition Area such as Ring Councils and the list of Umpires that will be participating in the Competition Area will be handled by the ITF Umpire Committee.
  2. The 2011 World Championships Organising Committee will take care of all other issues for the Umpires outside the Competition Area (ie) Accommodation, Meals, Invitation Letters, Travel or Visa Queries.
  3. The ITF Umpire Committee have created an application form called 2011 World Champs Umpire Registration. This form is now available on the website and under the Umpire News section of the ITF official site
  4. All Umpires will need to complete and send this form to all Members of the ITF Umpire Committee.
  5. The ITF Umpire Committee will select the Umpires and send a letter of confirmation to each National Governing Body within 72 hours of the form being recieved.
  6. The selection of Umpires will be made from this form only, not from the Officials Registration site.Those who have already registered as an Official on the online Registration site, will be contacted and asked to complete this form.
  7. Please understand that submitting this form does not mean that you have been automatically approved.
  8. The ITF Umpire Committee will publish the list on

Can all National Governing Bodies confirm with the ITF Umpire Committee that they have recieved and are aware of this communication.

We hope your preparation for March 2011 is going well and we look forward to hosting you in New Zealand soon.

Date: 2011-06-29 19:03:16
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