International Instructors Course Utrecht, ITF Netherlands 2010

Event ITF Netherlands
For the first time since the nineties ITF Netherlands, organized a well-known International Instructors Course by the Technical Committee of the ITF. Under the guidance of the chairman of the committee, Grand Master Maranoand members Grand Master Trajtenberg and Grand Master Bos, the organizers were updated of the details of organizing such an event. We thank our Grand Masters for their patience and their experience in this. For ITF Netherlands 1978 and 1993 (European Championships in Rotterdam and Groningen, (see were the last years we organized an international event of such an importance for the ITF. In the past General Choi Hong Hi had several IIC’s in the Netherlands but this was the first time after the passing away of our beloved founder with the new team of Grand Masters.

Gm Trajtenberg and the class of leadership

Board of Directors decision
The Board of Directors of the ITF Netherlands, Master James Tjin-A-Ton (President) Mr. Martin Schellens (Secretary-General) and Mrs. Rianne Don (Board Member) invited an organizer who was capable to do the work. With the experience this organizer, Mr. Harry van Schaik -5th degree and member of the club - had as co-founder with Master Willy van der Mortel in and many other national championships, events on a national level and international level as organizer and referee, they had full confidence of a 100% dedication to full fill this task.

Organization team
The organizer Mr. Harry van Schaik, first looked for a team of capable workers and the organizing team consisted of Mr. Martin Schellens, secretary general and 6th degree Taekwon-Do (appointed by the Board of Directors of ITF Netherlands), Mr. Wouter Meijer, 2nd degree and student on Sport and Management education and a dedicated worker Mr. Hassan Aachboun.

GM Trajtenberg teachingYong-Gae tul

ITF Netherlands Masters support
The ITF Netherlands has four Masters which we are very grateful for all their hard work in the past. The Masters Tjin-A-Ton,, Tapilatu, Van der Mortel and Van den Heuvel, expressed their support in a supporting letter to recommend this event to all members and Taekwon-Doins in the world, see I’d like to thank them for their time, effort and support in this event.

Place of event
The event had to take place in a mayor city with good transportation and a good facilitated hall, hotel and entertainment. This was found in the city of Utrecht, a central located town of the country with good train facilities from the airport to the hotel (30 minutes by train) and in walking distance of the hall (1,6 kilometers hotel –hall) and a new sports hall was found in the new and fantastic building of

GM Marano teaching how to perform back fist

PR and Marketing
The next part was getting the PR ready and a website was launched, and a welcome package was put together. At the European Championships in Sweden 2010, all representatives of the countries received an information package. Furthermore we send all the updates to the mayor websites of Taekwon-Do ITF around the world. Television and radio were informed about this event. Especially for this event we had a professional photographer Mrs. Saskia Oosenbrug. For educational purposes we had the IIC filmed for the technical committee of the Netherlands, Mr. Peter van de Bekerom. We like to thank both for their hard work.

GM Marano correcting a high side block to master Ton

The next step in the organizing process was to attract more volunteers to assist before, during and after the IIC. In combination with high schools we attracted 18 young students who wanted to participate as a volunteer in the course. In the school for international students, we had the full support of this event. Also the local government, helped us with providing the hall and some arrangements and contacts.

Inscription results
Participating were 190 participants with 12 masters and in total 159 black belts. 18 countries entered and a list of participants is attached to this article. In total 4 Masters 8 degree, 8 Masters 7 degree. Also we had one participants who had her birthday during the IIC, Maartje Gubbels of the Netherlands. We celebrated their birthday in an appropriate way!

GM Trajtenberg showing how to perform back fist

The ITF Netherlands had the opportunity to decorate the hall to its max for this IIC, competition mats, flags, banners, flowers, drinks, volunteers in an organizing t-shirts. Especially the mats were a challenge has they had to be build up every day because of other activities. Special thanks for the volunteers are appropriate. Thank you all.

GM Marano correcting side piercing kick to Master Vones

Thursday 18 November 2010, Arrival of guests:
Many guests from abroad arrived in the hotel, airport and city this day and explored the venue, city and culture of the city of Utrecht. Grand Master Trajtenberg arrived first and one hour later Grand Master Marano arrived and welcome by the organizer Mr. Harry van Schaik and Mr. Wouter Meijer with a present. All foreign delegates were welcomed by our volunteers and accompanied to the train station which is only a half hour trip to Utrecht and then a 5 minute walk to the hotel.

The IIC day 1
After a standing ovation the entrance of the Grand Masters was a fact. The acting President Grand Master Trajtenberg entered the hall filled with a lot of Taekwon-Doins, instructor’s and Masters form all over the world. Followed by Grand Master Marano, chairman of the Technical Committee and Grand Master Bos Secretary-General of the ITF who gave his first IIC in the country were he was born. A warm welcome was for him. After one minute silence for our passed away Grand Master Tran, Grand Master Trajtenberg did an explanation of the protocol of Taekwon-Do and the importance of it. After this Grand Masters Marano and Bos switched turn in patterns and Taekwon-Do exercises, from practical to the art form. As every know Grand Masters pushed everybody to the limit and will be a challenge tomorrow. At the end all practitioners help with putting away the mats which were especially put on the floor and gave a very professional appearance. Thank you all.

GM Bos teaching how to perform reverse turning kick

The IIC day 2
During this day the group were separated into two groups and got the attention there belt required. With the help of Master Kim Lan-Ung, 8th degree from Germany the red belts till 1stdegree were educated in sparring. De 2nd degree and up trained the higher patterns. After this of course physical exercises and step sparring. Also fundamental exercise were implemented to get the technic to the level was is required.

Honorary member of ITF Netherlands
At the beginning of the seminar of the second day Grand Master Bos was presented a special award by the Board of Directors and all school owners of the ITF Netherlands. As the pioneer of ITF Netherlands in the eighties Grand Master Bos has founded together with Master James Tjin-A-Ton and Sabum Kiet Tjon-A-Pauw, the bases of our organization. Grand Master Bos was awarded with the title honorary member of the ITF Netherlands. Thank you Grand Master Bos!

GM Bos teaching how to perform low twisting kick

After the Saturday training there was a testing for fourth degree and up. The testing committee was formed by the Grand Masters Marano, Trajtenberg and Bos. Furthermore the Masters Weiler, Lan, Wintzer, Wheatley, Vones, Triqui, van den Heuvel, van de Mortel, Tapilatu, were present to evaluate the skills of the participants of this testing. We were proud to host the testing of Masters James Tjin-A-Ton from the Netherlands and Master Frank Vanberghen from Belgium. Both of these masters are the highest in rank in their countries and bring a valuable experience to the rest of the country and Taekwon-Do in the world. Besides these masters Art van der Lee tested for 6th and his twin son Ron and Edwin van der Lee for 5th degree, a beautiful display how Taekwon-Do as a Martial Arts goes from father to sons. Also Carlo van de Braak and Jack de Smit tested for 5th degree and showed very good Taekwon-Do. Emile Kloor and Mishel Petrovic showed impressive Taekwon-Do and were promoted to 4th degree. See for pictures

After the second day and the testing, 70 persons were enlisted to the banquet which was held in famous Chinese restaurant, Paradijs, were Chinese delicatessens for a reasonable price is being served. The Grand Masters, Masters, their partners and many presidents, instructors and volunteers enjoyed each other company and good food.

GM Bos teaching how to perform one step sparring

The IIC day 3
In the morning all 4th degree and up Grand Master Trajtenberg gave a leadership seminar how to progress Taekwon-Do as an instructor, Master and association. An inspiring moment which gave enough ideas for thoughts and tools for making progress in the future. After this the higher patterns were dealt with and all the way up to Tong-Il.

Working out with Grand Master Bos
Together with this son Timothy Bos, Grand Master Bos gave a great display of self-defense, exercises to keep fit and fun games to make the class very attractive.

Every country, school and group had the opportunity to get in the picture with the Grand Master and a lot of participants took the opportunity to let their passport be signed by the Grand Masters or took an individual picture with the Grand Masters.

Monday 22 November 2010, Departure of quests
Grand Masters Marano and Trajtenberg and many others were brought to Amsterdam and Schiphol were they must prepare themselves for the next IIC the following weekend in Norway, with NTN Norway, see Other participants drove home after an enjoyable weekend in Utrecht, The Netherlands. Thank you for coming and hope to see you soon.

Evaluation of the IIC
The evaluation of the IIC was this time in a different formula with the permission and the guidance of Grand Master Marano. The results were astonishing and please read the results in the attachment of this article. The Grand Master showed once again how appreciated there work is all over the world in the IIC’s. We hope that they can continue their work for the future.

As head of the organizing committee I’d to thank the ITF, Technical Committee Grand Master Marano, Grand Master Trajtenberg, Grand Master Bos, Board of Directors of the ITF Netherlands, Organizing Committee Mr. Wouter Meijer, Mr. Hassan Aachboun and Mr. Martin Schellens, Secretary-General, the volunteers, the local government and all Masters, instructors and participants involved to make this event to a success. I hope that maybe in the near future the ITF Netherlands has gained so much experience to organize again such an event of international importance.

As an organizer I can advise all who wants to organize such an event to just do it because with the help of the Grand Masters and the ITF the work is enjoyable and rewarding as a human being and Taekwon-Doin. Good luck and thank you all!

Harry van Schaik,
Organizer IIC 2010 the Netherlands
ITF Netherlands

Some comments from the participants

  • This IIC was the best time in my life Mr Deni Ricvic. HOLLAND
  • It was an honour, learned a lot. THANK YOU. MR JIMI ZIERMANS. HOLLAND
  • Great energy, knowledge and expertise and great fun. Taekwon MrBob Wigman
  • This is my 5 iic they keep on getting better. Mr Rodney Corrothy Ireland
  • Please use microphones or headset during all instructions/comments IIC very good!
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