56th. International Instructor Course in Dominican Republic

The 1st & 2nd of October, the 56th. International Instructor Course was held in Hotel Barcelo Playa Dorada, Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. This was the first course in the history ITF in the country. Countries of Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Haiti, Trinidad and Tobago, Anguilla, Barbados, Bahamas, St. VINCET, Granada, USA, Canada, Peru, Colombia and Dominican Republic participated in this event organized by the Federacion de TaeKwon-Do ITF Dominicana (FETAID).

GM´s Hector Marano and Willem Jacob Bos, worked the 24 patterns, as well as basic movements, different physical exercises, three, two, one step sparring, and sparring drill. At the end all participants were more than satisfied with the course taught by these great masters. As for the hotel´s facilities, where they performed the IIC, were the most appropriate for the proper development.

Left: GM Marano explaining side block. Right: GM Marano correcting a high side block to Mr Ottensen from Canada.
Left: Gm Bos teaching side piercing kick. Right: Gm Bos explaining middle punch.
Left: GM Bos , Marano and Mr Taveras with the group honour Gen Choi at the begining of the IIC.

The 2nd Caribbean Congress.

After completion of the IIC, a test was conducted with the participation of several people from different countries, among them we can mention Mr. Peter Lue (Jamaica) and Rodolfo Carrera (USA) which were promoted to 7th Dan, Jason F. Morris (USA) promoted to 6th. Dan Clement Officer (Jamaica) promoted 5th Dan, Michael Rivera and Llauger Castillo (Puerto Rico), Kelvin Terrero (Dominican Republic), Patricia Silva (Colombia), Miguel Lopez (Peru) who were promoted to 4th Dan.

FETAID, wishes to thank the technical committee for this opportunity, not only for the Dominican Republic, but for the entire Caribbean region. We thank all the representatives of different countries and islands, for their efforts to participate in this 56th IIC.

Yours in TaeKwon-Do,
Lic. Fausto Castillo - President of FETAID
Norberto A. Taveras - Gen. Secretary of FETAID
Organizer of the 56th IIC

Some comments from the participants

  • Many thanks for your work with the Caribbean countries, each time I take one IIC, the technical level increase and back home with a lot of motivation. A Caribbean Hug.
    Mr Gato Gato Puerto Rico
  • It was very interesting; I learned a lot of new exercises for my classesand a lot of mistake from my patterns. Thank you, TAEKWON
    Mr Imran Khan Trinidad y Tobago
  • The IIC was wonderful in teaching and ability, big quality of the Grand Masters.
    Mr Felix Steeve Haiti
  • I believe the IIC was great and clarify a lot of Technical issues in patterns, and also a lot of creative ways to make a Taekwon-do classes interesting. THANK YOU.
    Mr Edward Kennet Jamaica
  • Excellent IIC, I learned a lot and now I can teach better to my students. Please continuous in this way Grand Masters, thank to both of you ITF are growing all around the world. Thank you. TAEKWON.
    Mr Jose Cruz 4th Degree Dominican Republic
  • Very good, always something new every time I attend one. THANK YOU!
    Mr Jason Morris USA
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