IIC Hungary - Report, Budapest, 6-th September 2010

Dear Taekwon-do practitioners, Dear friends in Taekwon-do worldwide!

The Hungarian ITF Taekwon-do Federation had the unique opportunity to arrange and host the 55-th International Instructor Course, held in Budapest – Hungary, the 3-5-th September 2010.

Our IIC became an absolute success. Alltogether 160 black belts (many of them 4-5-6-th Dan Instructors) from 18 different countries registered and participated on the Course including two 8-th degree and five 7-th degree Masters standing in the line. Youngest participant of the event was the 13 years extreme talented and skilled 1-st Dan black belt Timothy Bos from Italy (son of our world famous Grandmaster Wim Bos). Oldest participant of the event was the 65 years 4-th Dan Swedish-Hungarian Instructor Georg Hartner.

The three 9-th degree Grandmasters: Hector Marano, Pablo Trajtenberg and Willem Jacob Bos did an unforgettable great job during the Hungarian International Instructor Course. The Grandmasters superior technical skill – mixed with their tiredless and highly impressive teaching method was really amazed everyone! All participants could complete the Course with their technical skills and overall TKD knowledge highly improved. As I wrote earlier in my IIC Invitation letter: „The great International experience of the ITF Technical Committee will allow us to expand our Taekwon-do knowledge to the highest level. This is an opportunity we should all take a part of and which should be an absolute must for all true Taekwon-do practitioners worldwide”…

On the last day of Seminar was grading, where alltogether 18 candidates applyed for higher black belts. The grading requirements was challenging and set the highest international standard for all applicants. Though their technical preparation was quite good, finally only 15 persons out of the 18 candidates could pass succesfully the examination.

GM Trajtenberg teaching one step sparring.
Left: GM Marano showing the application of presssing block with master Weiller. Right: GM Bos teaching one leg stance.
Master Weiller teaching how to do proper warm up excersices.
Left: GM Trajtenberg teaching sweeping kick in Sam -Il. Master Loboda teaching grabing techniques.

Left: GM Marano correcting paralell block to Master Loboda. Right: GM Bos teaching side piercing kick in Ju-Che.

With a great pleasure and enthousiasm both in the name of the IIC participants and in the name of the Hungarian TKD Federation I would like to express my sincerely and warmheartly thanks to the ITF Technical Committee. Thank You very very much Grandmasters!

With warm regards and respect to all of You:

Master Harmat László VIII. Dan
President, ITF Hungary

Some comments from the participants

  • Great!! It was wonderfu to share not just the knowledge and the experience nof the Grand Masters, but also their passion and the atmosphere in the training hall, every IIC is getting better, wich is not an easy thing. Thank You!!!
    Mr Andrew Martinez 5th Degree
  • It has been a great pleasure to share and benefit from the Grand Masters extensive knowledge and indefatiguable passion, and I hope to repeat the experience again soon.
    Mr Richard Barton
  • Very enjoyable, a very good balance in each session of the course. Movements were explained very well. Thank You!!!
  • Excellent course. I solved many technical doubts. Thanks Grand Masters for be our guide in this marvelous martial art. Thank you.
    Mr Pablo Monsalvo 2nd Degree
  • Perfect and efficient. Thank you!!!
    Mrs Tamas Tibor Nagy
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