The 54th IIC in Regina Saskatchewan, Canada

The Saskatchewan Taekwon-Do Federation International hosted the 54th International Instructor Course in Regina Saskatchewan, Canada. The course was conducted by the ITF Technical Board which included GM Marano, GM Bos , and as special guest Master Ung. The seminar started on Friday June 25th through Sunday 27th. A total of one hundred and sixteen Masters, Instructors and students were in attendance from across Canada and the USA.

The seminar was very well structured by the ITF Technical team, the overall responses from the participants was very positive. The weather was beautiful over the weekend with a dinner that many participant attended on Saturday evening with the ITF Technical Team and Masters.

  Left: From left to right: Master Ung, GM Marano and Bos and masters Laquerre and Norman. Right: Master Ung in the free sparring sesssion.
Left: GM Bos showiing Back Fist in Yong-Gae tul. Right: GM Marano correcting middle guarding block to master Laquerre.

The IIC was organized by Master Clint Norman, President of the Canadian Taekwon-Do Federation International and ITF Board Member.

The CTFI Technical Director Master Pierre Laquerre was also in attendance. The following Instructors were graded for the following ranks by Master Laquerre:

Promoted to 6th Degree:
Mr. Don Smith (Canada)
Mr. Kevin Reinelt (Canada)

Promoted to 5th Degree:
Mr. Richard Nichols (USA)

Promoted to 4th Degree:
Mr. Diego Cabanas (Canada / Argentina)

The members that were in attendance look forward to the next IIC to be held in Canada.

Left: GM Marano correcting side piercing kick to master Clint Norman. Right: GM Bos teaching turning kick in Choon-jang tul.
Left: Master Ung KIm Lan correcting pattern. Right: Master Laquerre, in the streching session.

Yours in Taekwon-Do,
Master C. Norman

Some comments of the participants:

  • The course is excellent; the Masters give us information, inspiration and motivation. Thank you.
    Mr Sabo IV Degree Canada
  • Excellent course, I feel like I learned a lot, it was inspiring. Looking forward the next one.
    Thank You.
  • Really enjoyed the approach’s of the Masters, I learned a lot of theory that I didn’t know before. Thanks!!!
    Mss Catherine Benning CANADA
  • The IIC is great. It is an amazing opportunity to be instructed by some of the best masters in Taekwon-do.
    Thank you
  • Wonderful addition to regular instruction , clarifies many technical points and gives ideas for improvement on return to the dojang. Thank you!!!
    Mr Sean Costain CANADA
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