IIC 53 in the Cabo Frio city, Brasil

On May 14-15-16 was held the IIC 53 in the Cabo Frio city, Brasil. 71 participants from Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia y Peru, enjoyed the teaching of the ITF Technical Committee. Masters Santos Djalma from Brazil and Marcelo Vatrano from Argentina were present also.

The Grand Masters Trajtenberg, Marano and Bos motivate the entire participants, solving all the doubts and showing how they preserve the technique of our founder Gen Choi for the next generation.

On Saturday was a grading and were promoted Mr Tulio Flores to 4th degree (Peru), Mr Haydel Vera to 6th degree (Bolivia), Mr Marcelo Pedrini to 7th degree (Argentina) and Master Raul Sanchez to 8th degree (Brazil). COMPLIMENTS TO ALL OF THEM.

On Saturday night was a Banquet in honor to the ITF Technical Committee and also for those who were promoted, we had wonderful moment that we will never forget. I want to say THANK YOU to all the participant and the support, dedication and teaching of the Grand Master’s.

Left: GM Trajtenberg showing how start the knife hand strike. Right: GM Trajtenberg showing downward block.
Left: Gm Marano correcting double forearm block to master Sanchez. Right: Gm Marano correcting middle guarding block to master DJalma.
Left: Gm Bos teaching reverse turning kick in Eui-Am tul. Right: GM Bos showing crescent kick.

Your’s in Taekwon-do
Master Raul Sanchez
8th Degree

Some comments of the participants:

  • The IIC is very important to standardize the techniques and keep the original technique that Gen Choi created. Very good. Compliment. Thank you.
    Master Santos DJalma, Brasil
  • Thank you for all I learned, for the professional work, for be so kind with the participants. Thank you for the techniques and for the relation. I remember only one IIC with Gen Choi were a learned so much like this one. I solved many doubt. Thank You.
    Master Marcelo Pedrini, Argentina
  • I enjoyed full the three days, The GM were very clear in the explanation of the techniques and leave us a lot of information. The ITF will grow in this way, I would like to have more IIC in South America. THANK YOU!!!
    Mr Fernando Castro, Argentina
  • Wonderful IIC!!! I learned a lot and solved many doubts. The ways of teaching of the GM are amazing, knowing the purpose and details of each movement. Many thank.
    Mr Adan Sanchez, Brasil
  • The course was really, really good!!!! I enjoyed a lot. I’m very happy to met the Grand Masters and I hope to met them again soon. I’m really impressed with them. THANK YOU GRAND MASTERS.
    Mrs Luana Pinheiro, Brasil
  • This IIC was excellent, and a motivation for all of us, the detail of each technique was great. Thank you Grand Master and Master Raul Sanchez for give us this opportunity.
    Mr Marcelo Mollica, Brasil
Date: 2011-06-29 18:59:19
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