Report on 50th ITF Instructors Training Course

The ITF Technical Committee celebrated their 50th IIC at a special Dinner in Auckland on Friday 5th March 2010. Started with one minute silence to remember Gm. Tran Trieu Quan.

A video presentation was shown and a special 3D cake was presented. Congratulations to the Technical Committee for their years of dedicated work.

Left: The cake of the 50 birthday. Right: The Grand Master with the birthday cake.  
Left: Gran Master Bos, celebrating the IIC 50. Right: The Grandmasters and Maori ceremony.

The IIC commenced the next morning with a New Zealand traditional Maori welcome, and then a big announcement of Master Wim Bos receiving promotion to 9th Dan (Grand Master).

There were over 160 participants on the course with a large group coming from Australia and others from Japan and the Cook Islands. A tremendous 2 days of intense ITF Taekwon-Do training took place and the learning was very much appreciated by everyone who attended.

A senior Dan grading was conducted during the course by the three ITF Grand Masters. Master Michael Daher from Australia received his promotion to 8th Dan. Mr Peter Barbour (Australia) was promoted to (Master) 7th Dan and Mr James Rimmer (New Zealand) was promoted to (Master) 7th Dan.

ITFNZ was proud to host the 50th International Instructors Course and a big thank-you goes to the organising committee from our Counties-Manukau Region.

Master Paul McPhail

Left: Grand master Trajtenberg training back fist. Right: Grand Master Marano correcting double punch to master McPhail.

Some comments from the participants

  • The IIC is a great opportunity to join and learn together. Thank you very much Grand Masters.
    Mr. Tazio Sugaya JAPAN
  • Always very informative and creative. The Grand Masters are very knowledge and they motivate me to be a better person and instructor. Best wishes.
    Mrs Michele Ressies Gold Coast AUSTRALIA
  • Excellent!!! Would be more hepfull to have one day more. Great training, with very friendly, approachable Grand Masters. Thank you all
    Mr Steve Wetson Tazmania
  • This is now my 4th IIC, it just get better every time!! The creativity of the Grand Masters never ceases to amaze me. Bravo. Thank you very much once again.
    Mr Gerard Kelly 4th Degree AUSTRALIA
  • Excellent, I can’t think at a better way to train in Taekwon-do than at the IIC. The Grand Masters are amazing persons and a model to us all. Thank you so much.
    Mr Brett Kimberley New Zealand
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