49th IIC in Warsaw, Poland

In the term 22nd – 24th January 2010 there was held 49th International Instructor Course in Warsaw (Poland). The course took place at a very difficult time for the ITF. It begun on the 9th day of tragic missing of our President, GM Tran Trieu Quan, during the earthquake in Haiti. Every day thoughts off all participants were with GM Tran Trieu Quan hoping for his safety and returning home.

123 persons arrived to Warsaw to learn Taekwon-Do. There were representatives of 10 countries: Czech, England, France, Germany, Ireland, Latvia, Russia, Scotland, Sweden, and Poland.

The high standard of teaching was provided by GM Hector Marano IXth Degree, GM Pablo Trajtenberg, IXth Degree and Master Willem Jacob Bos, VIIIth Degree.

Master Orello Ellis VIIIth Degree (Englad), Master Thomas Denis VIIth Degree (England), Master Mark Hutton VIIth Degree (Scotland), Master George Dosoo VIIth Degree (Scotland), Master Kenneth Weathley VIIth Degree (Ireland), Master Tadeusz Loboda VIIth Degree (Poland), Master Jerzy Jedut VIIth Degree (Poland) and Master Zbigniew Bujak VIIth Degree (Poland) honoured the IIC with their presence. Only adults attended the IIC, 52 of them had IVth Degree and up, what made really high level of this IIC.

After the IIC the grading for higher degrees took place. 6 persons got promotion. 2 persons got VIIth Degree, Master Swavek Dydiszko from Sweden and Master Janusz Gutkowski from Poland. Mr. Peter Logozar from Sweden got promotion for VIth Degree, Mr. Yuri Yershov from Latvia and Mr. Jakub Jegliński from Poland got Vth Degree, Mr. Armands Shaltenis got IVth Degree.

We wish to express our congratulations.

All participants enjoyed IIC in Warsaw. All unanimous say that they learned a lot, and remembered many details. IIC in Poland should be organize more often in Poland.

Master Tadeusz Loboda
President of Poland Taekwon-do Federation

Excellent, well done, back again, I learnt a lot, among others, were some comments from the participants in the IIC.

Some pictures of the IIC

Left: GM Marano showing the application of circular block. Right: GM Trajtenberg showing grabbing techniques.
Left: Master Bos showing the application of reverse turning kick in Eui-Am. Right: GM Trajtenberg correcting high side block in Moom-Mo tul.
Left: Master Bos and the stretching session. Right: GM Trajtenberg correcting checking block.
Left: GM Marano correcting X stance. Right: GM Marano correcting twin forearm block of Master Loboda.
Left: Gm Marano training vertical punch in So-San. Right: Master Bos showing pic-shape kick.

Performing Yong-Gae tul.
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