Urgent Photo Request

The committee working on the development of teaching the "Do" need your help.

They need a high resolution photo to use on the pamphlet to advertise the courses starting next year. Please email your photo to Mr Mark Banicevich mbanicevich@itfnz.org.nz urgently.

Here are the guidelines for the photograph:

  1. Perhaps 3 people of various ethnicity, males and female, younger and older reflecting diversity / international scope.
  2. In keeping with the international scope, one country should not appear on the uniform, nor should one country´s flag organization logo appear in the photo. Instead, the ITF flag could appear.
  3. Photo should be as high resolution as possible, at least 1MB as a jpg (300dpi at 150mm wide).
  4. You must have legal permission to have the photo used in a pamphlet (such as if you took the photo yourself and have permission of the subjects).
  5. Deadline is Tuesday 17th November 2009.

Thank you

Date: 2011-06-29 18:45:44
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