Clarification about the “Reunification” Rumors

The Board of Directors of the ITF is aware of the rumors circulating about a “reunification” plan that would merge the group of Mr. Chang Ung with the ITF and that an unsigned, unattributed announcement was sent to the TKD Times and the Totally TKD magazines who have posted it on their Websites.

The purpose of this document is to set the record straight:

  • Following an approach by representatives of the group of Mr. Chang Ung, the ITF Board of Directors did agree that Master Juan Ferrando, Vice-President and Chair of the Welcome Committee, and Master Willem Jacob Bos, Secretary-General, could participate in a preliminary meeting in order to discover their intentions.
  • Last week, Grand Master Trân Triêu Quân, President of the ITF, did authorize our lawyer in Vienna to agree that the court proceedings against the group of Mr. Chang Ung would be suspended temporarily (for a period of three months).
  • The ITF Board of Directors has not entered into any “reunification” agreement with the group of Mr. Chang Ung. In fact, any such agreement would require approval by the ITF Congress, because it would have serious consequences for the ITF and its members and would necessitate an amendment to the ITF Constitution.

The ITF Communications Committee

Date: 2011-06-29 18:45:27
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