Big Succes In The IIC Held In Benidorn Spain

In the last 25th to 27th September, it was held in the cosmopolitan city of Benidorm, the 48º IIC COURSE (International Instructor Course), that was organized by ITF in collaboration with Taekwon-do´s Spanish Federation ITF, in the Palace of Crystal of the Great Hotel Bali of the City, in the enclosure approximately 200 congregated to attend the course, masters, instructors and black belts, once again to train and to learn directly from the prestigious members of the Technical Committee of the ITF, the Grand Master Marano, Grand Master Trajtemberg, and Master Wim Bos.

All the participants enjoyed a course of a very high quality in which there were analyzed and studied all the facets and techniques of Taekwon-do, the participants remained impressed with the knowledge of these grand masters, like that, as the form in which they were developing the course, which in spite of the quantity of hours of the same one became short by the pleasant thing that was, managing to the end of the course, to ask another IIC to repeat itself soon.

In the Course there took part participants from England, Italy, Norway, Ireland, Sweden, Germany, Scotland and all the instructors of the Spanish Federation who came from the different places of the whole national geography and a some instructors who came from another Federation and they were so impressed that after the course decided to join ITF.

Left: GM Trajtenberg showing the application of checking block.

The ITF Technical Committee and the participant from Spain.

The ITF technical Committee and Italian participant.

Master Juan Ferrando

IIC Spain 2009 - List of promoted

 No. Name, Surname Degree Country
1.Brendan O´TooleVIIIIreland
2.Christa WintzerVIIIGermany
3.Mark HuttonVIIScotland
4.Kenneth WheatleyVIIIreland
5.Gerard MartinVIIIreland
6.Mario PrebendaVIIItaly
7.Ciro CammarotaVIIItaly
8.Gilberto RuzzaVIIItaly
9.Stephen CooleyVIIreland
10.Håkan HanssonVISweden
 No. Name, Surname Degree Country
14.Adrian ByrneVIreland
15.Kevin KinsellaVIreland
16.Stephen RyanVIreland
17.Jamie RigneyVIreland
18.Brian CoughlanVIreland
19.Arto Ala-HäiväläIVSweden
20.Patrik CarlströmIVSweden
21.Daniel SalomonssonIVSweden
22.Monica GoronIVRomania

Below some comments from the participants:

  • OVERALL EXCELLENT. Great communication. Gran masters and master are very open and friendly. Because the IIC I know more about my art than ever!!! My compliments, gratitude.
    Master Mark Hutton, Scotland
  • My opinion about this IIC is very good, I learnt a lot. This kind of course is necessary to keep high level in Taekwon-do. Thank you!!!
    Mr Sergio Manzano Martinez, pain
  • An inspiration for all of us, a lot of energy, lots of camaraderie. I would like more Korean terminology. Thank you Grand masters and master.
    Mr Philip Lear, England
  • This is my first IIC and I think is absolutely FANTASTIC!!! Thank you very much.
    Mr. Mario Mugica Gómez, Spain
  • Excellent, each time I took one IIC I recharge batteries and back home with more energy. Even if I’m master I’m still far away from the knowledge of the ITF Technical Committee. Thank you.
    Master Gordon Wallace, Scotland
  • Excellent, very high level of expertise and professionalism. Looking towards the next IIC already.
    Mr Richard Burton, England
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