47th International Instructors Course in Tambov, Russia

On September 4-5-6, was held in Tambov RUSSIA, the 47 IIC. 86 Instructors from all over Russia, Kyrgyzstan, and Moldova, train hard and enjoy together during the full weekend.

We teach different items during the weekend. Pattern from Chon-ji until Tong-il, step sparring, free sparring, grabbing techniques, stretching exercises, and a lot of theory information.

Mr Lazos Stifilidis, President of the NGB and Organizer of the IIC, did it a wonderful work, our compliment to him.

Once again thank you to the ITF for allow us to teach Taekwon-do all over the world.

The ITF Technical Committee

From September 4th to 6th the ITF Technical Committee conducted the 47th IIC. The 47th IIC took place in Russian city of Tambov and it was the first course in Russia conducted by the Technical & Instruction Committee of the ITF.

The IIC is a necessary part of International Taekwon-Do Federation development. And the benefits is so many that is difficult to tell them all. But we believe that the most important is the motivation that we take from the masters after the course. The masters with their skills, enthusiasm and knowledge are able to charge the participants with energy. Energy of will to practice the beautiful art of Taekwon-Do.

After this IIC the members of all Russian Taekwon-Do Federation expressed their will to have an IIC in Russia once every two years.

Mr Lazos Stifilidis, President of the NGB and Organizer of the IIC





Left: The Technical Committee and Mr Lazos Stifilidis, organizer of the IIC. Right: Gm Marano correcting to Mr McNairn from Scotland.

 No. Name, Surname Degree Country
1.Abykeev Mars1 DanRussia
2.Biryukov Dmitriy2 DanRussia
3.Bordyug Sergey3 DanRussia
4.Brinkovskiy Petr3 DanRussia
5.Brovkova Elena1 DanRussia
6.Brynin Eduard3 DanRussia
7.Buzanova Olga2 DanRussia
8.Chepurskiy Vladimir1 DanRussia
9.Chumachenko Yana2 DanUkraine
10.David McNairn6 DanScotland
11.Demidov Alexei1 DanRussia
12.Denisov Oleg3 DanRussia
13.Dmukhovskaya Yuliya1 DanRussia
14.Dmukhovsky Pavel1 DanRussia
15.Drozdova Elena1 DanRussia
16.Epaneshnikov Evgeniy4 gipRussia
17.Feoktistova Natalya2 DanRussia
18.Gabarov Magomed1 gipRussia
19.Golota Vladimir4 DanRussia
20.Gomes Andres1 DanRussia
21.Grevtsev Konstantin2 DanRussia
22.Gromov Yyru5 Dan Russia
23.Guluev Alan1 DanRussia
24.Hripushin Alexandr3 DanRussia
25.Ishberdin Shamil1 DanRussia
26.Jabloshevskiy Alexey3 DanRussia
27.Karaseferjan Oksen1 DanRussia
28.Karjakin Denis2 gip Russia
29.Khyhrynskay Ekaterina1 gip Russia
30.Khyhrynsky Anatoly1 gip Russia
31.Kim Andrey3 DanRussia
32.Kim Viktor5 Dan Russia
33.Kim Vladlena3 Dan Russia
34.Klimenko Alexey1 gipRussia
35.Klimenko Filipp1 gipRussia
36.Kobyzev Viktor1 gipRussia
37.Kolesnikova Nadezhda2 gip Russia
38.Kolpakov Igor3 DanRussia
39.Kozlachkova Ekaterina3 DanRussia
40.Krivoruk Oleg3 DanRussia
41.Kudashov Yury4 DanRussia
42.Kukanov Sergey1 gip Russia
43.Kulikov Dmitriy2 gipRussia
 No. Name, Surname Degree Country
44.Kuznetsova Irina2 DanUkraine
45.Lapushansky Sergey1 Dan Russia
46.Lashkin Evgeny1 gipRussia
47.Lebedeva Veronika2 DanRussia
48.Lee Vladimir4 DanRussia
49.Leonov Alexandr3 DanRussia
50.Leonov Alexey3 DanRussia
51.Li Vitaly3 DanRussia
52.Makarov Andrey2 DanRussia
53.Mareev Igor3 DanRussia
54.Melnikov Alexey2 DanRussia
55.Mozesyuk Olga1 DanRussia
56.Muhamedzjanov Rinat1 gipRussia
57.Musin Marat2 DanRussia
58.Nedelko Viatcheslav2 Dan Russia
59.NikoLyuk Sergey3 DanRussia
60.Nikulin Mikhail1 DanRussia
61.Novomlinov Oleg5 DanRussia
62.Oslin Mikhail1 gipRussia
63.Ovsyannikov Sergei3 DanRussia
64.Pavlov Alexandr3 DanRussia
65.Pershin Yuri3 DanRussia
66.Pjagai Alexei5 DanRussia
67.Poletaeva Ksenia2 DanRussia
68.Postu Ion4 DanMoldova
69.Prokhin Ilya1 gipRussia
70.Revutskaya Ekaterina2 DanRussia
71.Rubov Sergey2 DanRussia
72.Shesternina Polina1 gipRussia
73.Sobakin Mihail1 DanRussia
74.Sokolnikov Anton2 DanRussia
75.Solomatin Dima1 DanRussia
76.Soltanov Boris 1 gipRussia
77.Starodubtsev Nikita1 DanRussia
78.Starostin Andrey2 DanRussia
79.Suslin Oleg3 DanRussia
80.Suslin Viatcheslav4 DanRussia
81.Sviridov Vladimir2 DanRussia
82.Ten Aleksandr2 Dan Russia
83.Tslfidis Lazos6 DanRussia
84.Vlasova Svetlana2 DanRussia
85.Vorotnev Ilya2 DanRussia
86.Vorsin Pavel1 DanRussia

Below some comments from the participants:

  • The IIC in Tambov – is full of bright memories, charging with positive emotions for long time.
    Li Vitaly 4th Degree
  • Amazing. The energy of master is able to explow, I learned many new things.
    Kalpakov I. 3d degree
  • So many feelings that is just impossible to express by words.
    Makarov 2nd degree
  • I try to participate in IIC as often as I can and this was not my first IIC. I am Amazed by the masters that after so many years of practice their enthusiasm is still growing. After each IIC there is the will to train more.
    Gromov Yury 5th degree

Candidates for examination.
The Tecnical Committee, Mr lazos and Mr Ion Postu from Modolva, who took examination succesfully. Our compliments to him.

IIC Russia - degree promotions

  1. Oleg Novomlinov, Russia, V degreeI
  2. Viatcheslav Suslin, Russia, V degree
  3. Yury Kudashov, Russia, V degree
  4. Vladimir Lee, Russia, V degree
  5. ion Postu, Moldova, V degree
  6. Igor Mareev, Russia, IV degree
  7. Oleg Suslin, Russia, IV degree
  8. Petr Briynkovskiy, Russia, IV degree
  9. Oleg Denisov, Russia, IV degree
  10. Sergey Bordyug, Russia, IV degree
  11. Vitaly Li, Russia, IV degree

See more photos in our gallery of the event.

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