Pattern Competitions in Israel

On December 27th 2013 and on January 29th 2014, took place the yearly regional pattern competitions for the central-south and central-north areas respectively.

The central-south competition in Ashdod was conducted by Sabum-Nim Luis Sajnovetzky, director of the Israel Taekwon-Do Center, while the central-north in Yoqneam was conducted by Sabum-Nim Leonardo Oros-Duek, director of the Israel Academy of Taekwon-Do.

In Yoqneam, many students from the cities Zichron Ya'akov, Yoqneam, Haifa, Kibbutz Ramot Menashe and Karmiel gathered to take part in the competition.

But this competition was no ordinary event. Out of the four rings in the hall, only two were assigned for patterns, rings 2 and 3, using a computerized scoring system, which displays the results in real-time.

Ring 1 held a special competition on which parents and their children participate together executing a frontal punch forward and backwards (Ap Jumok Jirugi). In this category participated 38 parents with their kids, that is to say 38 Taekwon-Do families!

The parents displayed patience but also unity, and showed a will to win together with their kids. Some of the parents by the way, already are regular TKD students.

In ring number 4 took place for the first time in Israel the Special Technique competition with the high flying frontal kick (Twimyo Nopi Chagi), using a device constructed especially for this event! The competition was accompanied with excitement, and wild applause was given to the competitors who created the tension from the first moment on.

In the half time a small exhibition was arranged, including a Pre-Arranged Sparring demonstration by Dorin Shteiman and Benji Greenberg, and a second-degree pattern by Carmel Horowitz and Shaked Cohen, who will be representing Israel in the European Championships in Italy, in April.

The entire competition ran on time, as the medal awarding ceremonies were carried out not long after the ending of each category. All this is thanks to the organizer Sabum-Nim Leonardo Oros-Duek (V Degree) and no less than 23 referees and assistants without which the competition was not made possible. Thanks very much also to Sabum-Nim Mario Cosacow (VI Degree) and Sabum-Nim Sergei Harchenko (V Degree).

Ranked first between the cities was Zichron Ya'akov with 16 winners, then Yoqneam with 10 winners and Haifa with 4 winners.

In Ashdod, three parallel rings were assigned for the event. Students from all over the city of Ashdod, and the nearby cities of Yavne and Rehovot came to compete. First were the 4-7 age categories. The atmosphere was nice but thrilling because for some, it was the first time competing. The youngsters demonstrated an impressive capability for the crowd of families who kept on cheering non-stop all throughout the competition.

Later competed the children aged 8+, from white to red-black belts. One could see the experience that the students have gathered with a few years of practicing and participation in previous competitions. At the end of each age category was held an awarding ceremony, during which the instructors and referees awarded trophies for first place, a silver medal for second and bronze for shared third place. The rest of the kids received a participation medal.

The purpose of the competition was to set further goals for the student in order to help him train, work harder and improve his personal technique regardless of the competitive achievement... and indeed we've succeeded! All participants behaved with respect and courtesy towards their associates as required in a Taekwon-Do ITF tournament.

We want to thank the team of instructors who worked hard with the students, in order to prepare them for this tournament and of course to the referee team who judged in a professional manner during the competition.

In conclusion - we congratulate all the participants!

You mustn't forget that competing in front of so many viewers,

Makes a challenge and learning, like any other lesson

in Taekwon-Do ITF, and this is the true victory!


Author: S Ryan
Date: 2014-02-05 21:31:00
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