ITA Annual Report 2013

2013 has been another excellent year of growth and success for our organisation, the ITA now has almost 100 schools across Ireland, with many schools opening due to initiatives by the board of directors in line with our strategic plan.

We are now one year into our strategic plan, which outlines our goals and objectives for 4 years. We are happy to say that we are achieving our objectives and our association continues to grow and to flourish.

Some of the big highlights of 2013 included:

  • Hosting another very successful IIC with the ITF Technical Committee which was attended by 130 black belts from 15 countries
  • 3 very successful national tournaments each with over 500 competitors taking part
  • Our national team achieving fantastic success. At the Euros in Sweden Ireland finished in 5th place with 18 medals, 5 gold, 7 silver and 6 bronze. At the World Championships Ireland finished in 2nd place overall with 10 Gold, 6 Silver & 11 Bronze medals. This shows that Taekwon-Do in Ireland is continuing to improve and our thletes are leading the way on the international stage.
  • 2013 also saw ITA gain the status as NA (National Association for the ITF and AETF in Ireland)
  • 2013 saw our number of International Instructors increase, most notably with newly promoted VI Dans and a new Master, Pat Barry promoted to 7th Dan.

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