Seminar and promotion Test with Master Ruben Suarez 8th degree

Seminar and promotion Test with Master Ruben Suarez 8th degree



On November 8-10, 2013, was conducted the II Seminar and promotion text with Master Ruben Suarez in the Dominican  Republic. The seminars were held in the 3 major cities: Puerto Plata, Santiago and Santo Domingo.
During these three days, practitioners learned various dynamic exercises and workouts as well as, new updates of the techniques of this art. Master Suarez spends several hours’ sparked new questions, and answer to what they learned in the seminar. 


At the end of the seminar instructor Norberto Taveras gave a recognizing plaque to Master Suarez for being an ideal instructor as well as the Asociación de TaeKwon-Do del Distrito Nacional handed a plaque of appreciation for his selfless interest in developing the Taekwon-Do in the Dominican Island. NORBERTO 'S TaeKwon -Do and ASOTADINA and all there members thank Master Ruben Suarez, for his time and expertise dedicated to all of us.


On November 9th, 2013 a degree promotion test was carried out by Maestro Suarez with 11 candidates for consideration: I, II, III, IV and VI Dan. The test began at 3:00 PM and after 7 hours ends. During the examination the candidates performed all the basic moves, kicks, all patterns, 3.2 and 1 step sparring, free pre arranged sparring, self defense, free sparring and board breaking. Mr. Norberto Taveras was promoted to VI Dan, making him the first 6th Dan in the country, as well as the most advanced rank. Congratulations to al Candidates.

Hermi Reyes, I Dan

Víctor Liriano, I Dan.

Pedro Luis Heredia, I Dan.

Nicole Martinez, I Dan.

Julio Casso, I Dan.

David Beley, I Dan

Ronald Ramirez, II Dan.

Jorge Tejada, III Dan.

Jose Bolivar Garcia, III Dan.

Jose Luis Tejada, IV Dan.

Norberto Taveras, VI Dan.

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