On November 9TH, 2013, In Kiev , Ukraine, was held the 4th National Taekwon-do Seminar. For the first time, came with a two days visit ITF Director of the International Taekwon-do Federation Grand Master Wim Bos, 9 degree (Italy). The program of the visit supposed to study the work of the All-Ukrainian Taekwon-Do Union as the official representative of the International Taekwon-Do Federation in Ukraine, assessment of skills coaches AUTU and holding the  technical seminar.

In the seminar took part athletes from Volyn, Dnipropetrovsk, Zaporizhzhya, Ivano-Frankivsk, Kyiv City, Kirovograd, Crimea, Lviv, Sevastopol, Kharkiv, Rivne and Chernivtsi AUTU centers. Also attended seminar sportsmen from Russia, Georgia, Moldova and Italy. Totally in sporting event took part 108 athletes from 5 European countries. The seminar brought together sportsmen of all age categories: children, juniors and adults.


Grand Master Wim Bos held the seminar by his own method. Seminar’s program consisted of three parts: basic techniques, sparring techniques and theoretical part (philosophy Taekwon-Do). The assistant was his student, head coach of the national team of Italy Leandro Iagher, 6th degree.

GM Wim Bos and his son Timothy Bos 

In confirmation practicality of Taekwon-Do philosophy as a way of life in harmony of body and soul, Grand Master Wim Bos by example demonstrated his physical preparation. All present were convinced, despite his respectable age, the Grand Master is in excellent physical form and good spirits. This GM Wim Bos requested from all Ukrainian coaches.


Gm Wim Bos and Oleg Solovey -  Application of a pattern technique

For Ukraine, this seminar was significant for another reason, as in the gym also trained four current 2013 world champions, Katya Solovey and Ivan Grischuk (Ukraine), Timothy Bos (Italy) and Ekaterina Kozlachkova (Russia). For the first time our athletes had the opportunity of live communication and learning in a team with Taekwon-Do world-class stars - said the head coach of the national team of Ukraine Oleg Solovey.

  GM Wim Bos - Oleg and Katya Solovey  


At the Closing Ceremony Grand Master Wim Bos noted the positive atmosphere that was at a seminar, athletes’ craving for new knowledge and desire to grow. Grand Master thanked the AUTU for discipline and a high level of organization of the event. After seminar all participants received certificates with Grand Master Wim Bos’ autography.

I am satisfied with the organization of the All-Ukrainian Taekwon-DoUnion, with the level of the skills of Ukrainian trainers and students - said the director of ITF Grand Master Wim Bos. - Most importantly, I saw a great desire of Ukrainian athletes to develop, the desire of leadership AUTU to create proper conditions not only for achieving sporting results and overall the developmentpersonality. Ukraine has potential - added Grand Master Wim Bos.


Relaxing time with Gm Wim Bos - Oleg Solovey - Leandro Iagher and Timothy Bos 

At the end of official part of the visit our guests were invited to a guided tour of the historical and cultural places of the capital of Ukraine. 

President AUTU,

Valentyn Zorba

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