The 86th IIC was held in Hotel Lipki in Zvenigorod 30km outside of Moscow with 126 participants Russia, Belorussia, Scotland and Israel. Some participants drove for 10 hours to attend the IIC. The perfect event organization was in hands of host Mr. Uri Gromov 6th degree.


GM Marano, GM Bos and GM Lan were warmly welcomed to Russia.
The course covered all the color belt patterns and black belt degree patterns over the 3 days.

Self defense along with pre step sparring were spread over the course of the weekend.


The GM´s were very knowledgeable and answered many questions from some very keen TKD practitioners. Master Lazos 7th degree and ITF Russia President acted as a perfect and always present interpretator.


The course started on Friday with small questions and answer session for the senior grades with GM Marano. The course of the weekend was well planned with the 3 GM's taking turns every hour in order to teach different grades and different aspects of our wonderful art.

They were also very humorous in their teaching which made it fun and interesting to learn, especially for the senior’s grades who usually are the teachers.

GM Marano asked Miss Julia Cross 6th times World Champion and present at the IIC to learn more to teach the 1st degree some sparring techniques which was a great honor and very much a surprise. The students enjoyed the lesson very much because of this different teaching and were very  inspired.

Saturday evening a traditional Russian style banquet was organized with some presentations for the GM's and foreign guests.

The Russian organization and hospitality was wonderful along with students aged 13to 63 years old who trained very hard all weekend with enthusiasm and great spirit. 

Russian Taekwon-do Federation

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