Interview with Grandmaster Bos ahead of WC in Spain
by Stephen Ryan.
GM Bos, One of the things you are most known for is your connection to ITF tournaments and being the driving force for many years on leading changes and improvements to the rules and regulations.Can you give us an overview of your own history and connections with the ITF tournaments?.
It all goes back to 1992 when I still was acting as a coach for the Italian team participating at the World Championships held in Pyongyang, North Korea  which was not realy well organized. Coming back home I made a decision to stop the coaching and to become useful for the ITF in order to help at world events.
However it was not until 1993 when we had the Junior ITF Championships known as one of the worst organized championship ever held in the ITF. At the second day of that event General Choi called for me (I was present as official for Italy); so I presented myself in front of the General where he told me to take over the organization be in charge of the event. I called for all the coaches and tried to reorganize the event through many difficulties. After this event I got a letter from the ITF HQ signed by General Choi that I would be in charge of the 1994 World Championships held in Malaysia which according to the many comments went extremely well.  
What are some of your greatest memories of ITF World Championships in the past?.
When we talk about greatest memories which we might call positive then I would say to receive a handshake and compliments from our late founder is more than enough to mention.
When we talk about greatest memories which we might call NOT possitive then I need at least 5 pages to explain, however those moments made me realise that we should impliment major changes as well in the the rules and educational relations between officiating members in the World events.  
How have the ITF World level tournaments evolved over the last number of years? What have been some of the key changes?
During my career as a Chairman of Tournament I have seen a lot of matters that needed to be adjusted therefore rules were amended regularly as because during events I managed to see mistakes and adjusted those in the rules.  Key changes are to many to mention however the introduction of the electronic system made a huge change for the competition benefit.
The ITF has put a lot of work into training the umpires for this World Championships? Are you happy with the progress in this area, are there any other ideas for the future?
The ITF tries to make our officiating country umpires to understand that a real study of the rules, practical training and also their physical shape is very important in order to be prepared and to give a right and fair judgement to the competitors performance. 
What are your expectations of the upcoming ITF world championships in Benidorm, Spain?
The organization is in the hands of ITF Spain who will do a very good job as they acquired a lot of exprience during previous ITF events.
The Tournament and Umpire chairmen and their committee members are ready to give their best in order to give a perfect running of the event according to the rules and regulations and schedule of the event.
The ITF is expecting 1000 competitors therefore it will become the biggest ITF World Championship event ever held.
Also important is the place where everyone might enjoy also the free time besides the event as Benidorm offers a lot of amusement.
What is your vision for the future in terms of ITF World championships? Where would you like to see us in 10-20 years time for example?
Its difficiult to give an opinion about the future however I hope that the next generation will do as good a job as the one done at the moment having the right persons at the right places working in harmony and showing respect.
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Date: 2013-09-24 10:08:00
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