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The ITF propose to inaugurate a “Hall of Fame” to honour its members. It will take a long time to go over past records to find suitable candidates and so it is proposed that each member country submits suitable candidates so that we may begin with minimum delay. Therefore we ask that the NA submits people who, it is thought, are suitable. We ask that you consider people who have won 3 gold medals or more (and include all medals won) in official ITF World Championships and submit the details of Name; Address; Date of Birth; Date of joining ITF; Degree certificate number; Full details of year, event, category and other details which may assist the candidate to be selected. We expect that as we progress there may be reason to include other competitors, such as other than gold medal winners in World and Continental events. The nominations are not only for competitors but should include outstanding people such as Coaches, Umpires, Organisers, Masters and any others who are considered to be outstanding in any way. This is a project under consideration and any suggestions about what sort of awards and the form they take will be welcome. This is a chance for your distinctive members to be recognised forever and the ITF Board hope that you will participate.

All recommendations should be sent to GM Tom MacCallum at e-mail

We hope to make the first presentations at the World Championships this year in Benidorm, it is up to you.

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