Master Ferrando ITF Secretary General visited Morocco assisted by Mr. Jose L. Diego 6th degree

Following with the development programme of Taekwon-Do in Africa that is being started  very successfully by Master Weiler in Africa, ITF continue with this programme and in this time Master Ferrando and Mr. Diego has visitedMoroccoin order to organise the new UNION MARROCAINE DE TAEKWON-DO ITF , under the leadership of Mr. Mohamed Joudary, that has legally been registered in the Country for the first time.

Master Ferrando on this occasion was invited to conduct a seminar to two different groups during the 29thand 30thJune, one of the groups was Instructors from WTF interested in joining the new organization and promoting ITF Taekwon-do, all participants was very interested and pleased for having this opportunity that gives to  them the opportunity of learning ITF Taekwon-do.  

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