Holland Cup 2013 


On June 1st and 2nd it was finally time for the 2013 edition of the Holland Cup organized by Sportschool Tim Kool. Just like every year, we as organisation have tried to improve the tournament again, and make and the best and most innovative event possible. To that end, this year we made the Holland Cup a 2-day event, added an afterparty and added the category pre-arranged free sparring to the program. Furthermore, all A-class competitors (blue belt and up) got the chance to perform two patterns and spar bouts of two rounds. 

Even though the tournament started June 1st at 09.30 hours, we already started preparing and planning approximately six months ago. Booking the hall, setting up the programme, discussions with our head umpire Sabum Patrick den Hoed, promoting the tournament and buying and preparing all materials. Also, our ambassador Gerard van der Wijngaart was very busy acquiring sponsors, an activity for which we are still very grateful.



With 530 competitors from 52 clubs, coming from 12 different countries, the tournament started on Saturday morning. De start and opening of the tournament was the entrance of all umpires. With loud music in the background they walked onto the areas while all competitors were lined up and cheering. A very nice opening, and after the bows the tournament started on 7 areas. 

Saturday was the day where all A-class categories took place. Unique for Dutch tournaments, due to making it a two day event we had the time and ability to have competitors in pattern do two patterns, and have competitors in sparring compete in two round bouts. This gave the tournament an international appearance and made it an ideal preparation for European and World Championships. 

On the main stage we started with pre-arranged free sparring. Teams from all countries had subscribed into this category, making it a spectacular show on our podium area. At the same time, all pattern categories started on the different areas. Around noon the first areas went for their lunch break, and the centre area finished with the category team pattern. This was also spectacular, dominated by the German and Norwegian teams. 

The afternoon was completely focused on sparring. Since there were only A-class competitors on this day, nice matches could be seen on all areas. Youth, juniors, seniors and even veterans all showed top-class Taekwon-Do. This could be heard from the stands, since loud cheering sounded all the time. At 16.30 hours, all individual categories were finished, and all competitors started preparing for team sparring. 

Even though there were both senior female and male teams, the female teams had the upper hand in our tournament. Teams from Norway, Germany, Ireland and the Netherlands made this an international spectacle. All teams were strong, but the teams from Sabum ChielRombout from the Netherlands won both gold and silver. In senior male sparring the gold was won by Norway. The Saturday ended with the awarding of the overall trophy for the best gym. Last year this was won by Master Dennis, but this year the trophy went to Sportscentre Tapilatu. 

Sunday was the day that the B-class competition took place. Many youth, but also juniors and seniors were present this day. The hall still had the international appearance from the day before, and it was nice to see that this was a big motivation for the beginning Taekwon-Do championships competitors. Because the A-class competitors had all competed the day before, this finally was the chance for the white, yellow and green belts to be at the centre of all the attention. This was probably the first time ever they competed on a podium area. 

The Sunday started with a similar opening as Saturday, only everything started an hour later. With approximately 180 competitors competition took place on four areas, the organisation was sure that they could run an efficient tournament that would finish in time. This was certainly the case, since our experienced staff members and umpires kept good pace, and all pattern categories were finished at 11.30 hours. Even before the break, some areas already started with the sparring categories. 

The afternoon programme also ran very efficient, and between 14.00 and 14.30 the first areas were closed. The keyword of the day was efficiency and calmness. The hall was big and all competitors were accompanied by the staff members, making the atmosphere relaxed and calm. 

At 15.00 hours we started clearing the hall and the tournament was completely finished. To sum up:

-       The Holland Cup is a unique 2-day tournament in the Netherlands

-       Pattern, sparring, teampattern, teamsparring and pre-arranged free sparring

-       530 competitors from 12 countries.

-       First Dutch tournament with afterparty

-       Biggest and best decorated hall in the Netherlands

-       Efficient organizing committee, making for a smooth and well-run tournament. 

Via this rout we (Tim Kool, Corine Kool and Rory de Vries) want to extend our gratitude to a couple of people. First, Sabum Patrick den Hoed for being our main umpire and Gerard van der Wijngaart for being the Holland Cup ambassador. Most importantly, we want to thank all the staff members who made this tournament possible together with our sponsors. Finally, our sincere gratitude goes to all competitors, coaches and umpires, and we look forward to the 5thedition of the Holland Cup in 2014.



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