The members and practitioners of ITF Philippines in behalf of the ITF Philippine National Governing Body held a fun filled and educational weekend of ITF Taekwon-do. The educational parts happened last May 24 and 25, 2013. We organized an Umpiring and Refereeing Seminar on Friday and Technical Seminar on Saturday.


These events were possible because we had the presence of Sabum Nim Mariusz Steckiewicz  the ITF Asian Consultant. “ A lot of things were cleared in the technical aspect” according to 3rd Degree Black Belt Nestor Madelar , Vice-President of ITF Philippines. The short talk of Sabum Nim Mariusz with regards to handling of Seminar with the different leaders of ITF in the Philippines made the tournament eld on Sunday more professional. “ We had better flow of the tournament because of the refereeing and judging Seminar held on Saturday. It was a great help and it will change our system of holding tournaments in the country.” according to IVth Degree Black Belt Jun Sta. Ana.


The whole ITF Philippines appreciates and greatly thank  Sir Mariusz in showing us how to run a tournament effectively and for sharing again his ITF Taekwon-Do knowledge. This weekend of Taekwon-do events was attended by practitioners from different parts of Philippines as far as south of the Philippines and the mountainous area north of Manila. Present also for the first time in the National Championships is Mr. Danny Dublin who is the son of ITF Philippine’s founder Mr. Lemuel Dublin. Mr. Danny Dublin heads Antipolo ITF. ITF Davao Head Alphard Salatandre says” It is good that the NGB ITF Philippines lets its members experience this specially seminar from a person from ITF overseas”. Everyone including the friends and relatives of the practitioners were exhausted but wish for another weekend like this next summer.

            ITF Philippines would  like to thank also the ITF heads specially Grand Master Pablo Trajtenberg for letting Sabum Nim Mariusz Steckeiwicz  to come over in the Philippines to facilitate the seminars. These continuous activities will surely help develop ITF techniques and understanding of its system in the Philippines. 

Report by:

Jun Sta. Ana

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