IRELAND - ITA Examiners Conference Report

ITA Examiners Conference Report

The annual ITA examiners conference took place in the Bracken Hotel, Balbriggan, Dublin on Sunday May 26th 2013. The conference is an opportunity for all ITA members from 4th Dan upwards to meet and discuss the black belt grading and syllabus. This years conference was attended by 23 ITA examiners. The meeting was a very productive event with several modifications being adopted to the black belt syllabus and grading format. The atmosphere of the meeting was very positive and all in attendance had a common goal of further improving the efficiency of the black belt test and marking system and the quality of the syllabus. Key items that were discussed included; adding additional techniques to the special technique section of the grading, modifying the electronic marking system for the black belt grading, modifying the kicking and fundamental hand technique syllabus for black belts as well as very productive discussions on how to cater for students that begin Taekwon-Do training at an older age as well as consideration for those with disability. The feedback from the examiners to the ITA board following the conference was very positive and all commented on how this open forum allows for the senior grades in the organisation to have their views aired, discussed and positive ideas implemented. 

Best Regards,
Stephen Ryan
Secretary General Irish Taekwon-Do Association

National Association (NA) for the ITF in Ireland

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