The 6th Qualifying International Umpire Course, organized by Asociación Colombana de Taekwon-Do was held in Bogotá, Colombia, on April 27-28, 2013. It was conducted by Master Alberto Katz, Chairman of ITF Umpire Committee, and with the support of Master Ruben Suarez the ITF Umpire Committee member. 
50 participants learned all about the new rules, parameters and score methods of the different competion items:  individual and team patterns, individual and team sparring, pre-arranged sparring and power breaking and special techniques.
The Course was developed with a detailed explanation of each topic. A lot of practice was done concerning of the various items including the use of the electronic scoring equipment
The Masters were always ready to answer all the questions and solve any doubts that arose during the course generating great interest among participants.
All th participants had a wonderful and enriching time. Thanks to Master Katz, Master Suarez and many thanks to ITF. 
Mr. Luis Eduardo Hernández                            
President                               .
Asociación Colombiana de Taekwon-Do ITF                 .

Master Gonzalo Camelo
ITF representative
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