On April 12-13, 2013 the 2nd ITF Convention was held in Buenos Aires, Argentina with a participation of 240 instructors, masters and grand masters.

 ITF President GM Trajtenberg presenting Fabian Izquierdo ITF Kids Committee Member

The organizing Committee invited as special guests GM Wim Bos ITF Director, GM´s Dacak, Crispino and Ramish, also ITF Secretary General Master Juan Ferrando and Mr. Paco Ferrando President ITF Spain in order to join the convention.

The Convention was a very big sucses and the participants went home with a lot of new ideas as various items were presented like the ITF Kids information given by Fabian Izquierdo member of the ITF Kids Committee, Marketing, Fysical Preparation, First Aid and different other matters given by  famous Argentine persons like Carola Hersher, Horicio Anselmi, Master Adrian Desiderio, Roberto Liaskowsky, Cristian Cabral, Marisel Giuliani, Ariel Canteros and Master Alberto Katz.

At the 2nd day the ITF booklet and the IIC technical book (for the moment in the spanish language) was presented. 


It needs to be said that ITF President GM Pablo Trajtenberg and GM Hector Marano and their staff members did a wonderful work and that this kind of Convention should be repeated in all other Continents.

Some comments:

-GM Paul Trajtenberg.
 I can assure you that what I am going to say you it’s really a sense. It is brilliant to be in the ITF that always I dreamed, where the projects that one constructs also they are being seen of the same form by the board and colleagues, there seems to be a tuning in, the same wave, I’m really full of happiness for having been present at this convention, where really I learned very much.

-Good days GM, how are you? For our side it wanted to tell you that the Convention was brilliant in any sense it’s a very big change in the concepts of the training, it was and supported a level of quality and quantity of incredible knowledge.

-Dear Grand Máster:
I enjoyed fully the 2nd Convention Instructors' ITF, that level of excellence that the speakers had in his specialities, thanks to the big teachers for his knowledge sharing with us, it´s a pride to belong and to share this experience.
A cordial greeting, Master Marchini

report by GM Wim Bos



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