World ITF Medalists Nicholas Dusard and Sheckema Cunningham who both represent Jamaica and have medaled at the last World Cup and World Championship respectfully were given a surprised visit from the World Anti Doping commission at there homes in Kingston Jamaica. Dusard who is a regular on the ITF world circuit is a local sporting hero in his country being one of the most successful fighters to have ever represented them. He received his surprise visit in January early one morning from a team of WADA officials. 

Dusard described the test as extremely “close and personal” saying that the team never left him alone upon their arrival and was required to witness the passing of the urine required for the test.       

Sheckema Cunningham received her surprise visit in February of this year at her home in Kingston. The World Championship bronze medalist which boast the title of being Jamaica’s most successful female fighter in history so far, both on the national and international circuit was visited in the early morning just before daylight by a team which comprised female technicians who oversaw the process not leaving her alone for a second. However, the young female competitor took it in stride “we are athletes and all sports that are internationally recognized are subject to this scrutiny, as an international competitor I know this comes with the territory”. 

All international athletes to include ITF fighters are required to register their whereabouts with WADA through a system called the ADAMS identification system. 

The process begins with the athlete being alerted by WADA that they are listed and can be tested at anytime. The athlete is then required to be available on a given hour, with no notice required to be available for testing anywhere they are on the planet. 

By all indications it would appear that WADA is monitoring ITF world medalist as none of the other 22 fighters who currently represent Jamaica have been tested other than Dusard and Cunninghamsince the year has began.

World gold medalist Kenneth Edwards is the only other Jamaican fighter tested. However, his testing took place last year.

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Jason McKay


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