Gold Diggers seminar


In the weekend of the 2nd and 3rd of March World Champions Mark Trotter and Carl van Roon were invited by Master Willy van de Mortel to conduct a two day seminar in the south of the Netherlands. Master Van de Mortel knows Mr. Trotter and Mr. Van Roon well from his period in New Zealand where he was involved in the development of free sparring in New Zealand. Both Mr. Trotter and Mr. Van Roon were among the first ones who obtained a World Championships title for their country. 

On Friday they were picked up by from the train station in Eindhoven by Master Van de Mortel. For them it was quit cold over here. 

On Saturday morning the first session started off with 40 participants of all ages and degrees, among them were members of the Dutch and Belgium national team. We had the honor to have Sabum Yves Pollefeyt (Belgium national team head coach), Sabum Virginia Dionisi (Belgium national team tul coach), and Hans Rombaut (medalist on European and World Championships) present at this seminar.

Then Mr. Mark Trotter proceeded with competition patterns. He gave advice on several aspects such as kicking with actual power rather than just ‘placing the leg’ in the right kicking position just to look beautiful. This included a series of creative exercises to obtain this effect, and also extended into practical advice on how to forge techniques with real Martial arts spirit within patterns.



After lunch Mr. Van Roon continued coaching free sparring and in this session he focused on investigating on how we can deliver lead leg kicking techniques with more efficiency, to prevent telegraphing our intentions.

Mr. Mark Trotter in his second session covered aspects of pre-arranged sparring. The participants had to form duos and come up with a routine of six movements in normal motion. After they done so, Mr. Trotter showed how to create more interest in a performance by changing the rhythm of the movements. The participants also saw bits and pieces of the new pre-arranged sparring routine of the two champions for the next World Championships in October in Spain. 

At the end of the first day all participants had the opportunity to take some pictures with these two champions.


On Sunday morning Mr. Carl van Roon and Mr. Mark Trotter started off with a warming-up combined with a sparring session. There were some original and very funny exercises. This created a good atmosphere for the rest of the day. On this Sunday the group was a bit smaller and this resulted in more personal attention for the participants.

After lunch it was time for the special technique session, with the emphasis on using basic principles of biomechanics to maximize each individual's potential to perform jumping kicking techniques. The participants were able to absorb the information provided by Mr. Van Roon and they made significant progress in both the heights they could hit as well as the beauty of their kicking techniques.

After the second day all participants had theopportunity to make some pictures with them. All participants also received a poster with the champions in action. 

After the seminar Mr. Trotter and Mr. Van Roon each went their way. Mr. Van Roon had a flight back to New Zealand and Mr. Trotter went to Scotland to visit multiple World Champion Miss Julia Cross. Next weekend he will compete in a tournament in Ireland. Good luck Mark!

I would like to thank them both for their excellent teaching and friendship and I would also like to thank everybody who was present at this event.


Hopefully we will have a chance to train with the “GOLD DIGGERS” again sometime soon!

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