7th All- Ukrainian Taekwon-Do Union Championship

On February 16, 2013, in Kiev, was held the 7th All- Ukrainian Taekwon-Do Union Championship among juniors aged 14-17 and adults aged 18-36. The aim of the event was to promote a healthy lifestyle and to select the team members for  the 2013 European Championship to be held in Sweden and the 2013 World Championship to be held in Spain.

Competitiors participated from various regions like:
-Kyiv region,
-AR Crimea.

Athletes competed according the following disciplines: sparring, traditional sparring, pattern, special technique and power test.
This Championship was a debut for the Chief Justice of the competitions Iryna Kuznetsova  a judge holding category "B", and 4th degree. With her high level of professionalism, coordinated efforts of the judging panel and discipline athletes, competition was held at a high organizational level. At the championship dominated a calm and friendly atmosphere. Athletes were able to share experiences and communicate with their friends.

Performances were spectacular and effective! According to experts, the level of preparation of athletes was high. Winners of the competition received medals and diplomas , and their names are inscribed in the history of the TKD Union.
Success is not always measured by step of the pedestal or the number of the obtained medals. To be worthy and purposeful person - pride of their parents and example for the friends - that's one of the indicators of success in Taekwon-Do.

Congratulations to all the winners, their parents and coaches with the victory!

All Ukrainian Taekwon-Do Union likes to thank Irina Kuznetsova, Svetlana Ivanko, Yuri Ohnovu and Natalia Zaranovska for organizing the event.
Separate words of gratitude we express to regular partners of Championship - employees of medical clinic "Valeria" and personally its leader Vitaly Kucheruk.

Best regards,
All Ukrainian TKD Union,
V-degree ITF
Oleg Solovey

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