IUC Report 

A big thanks to GM Bos and Master Ottesen for easily the best IUC I have been to. So much explained and so very well conducted. 

The TAG have been very busy this year already implementing plans for a lot of changes, the least of which are the new rules, so having some details explained by two of the main people responsible for the changes was awesome. 

Master Ottesen started the day with theory and discussing various situations, rule changes to warnings and fouls etc, during which we all had a lesson in how to make calls as a referee. After a little practice on this, we all had a detailed lesson on how to enter and leave the ring, both for patterns and for sparring. Why did we spend a lot of time of this seemingly minor detail? 

Well, the main theme of the day was that in order to have a safe tournament, you have to have professional officials that know what they are doing, and feel and look like they know what they are doing. Master O spent a great deal of time on what it means to be an official, and how to conduct yourself as one. And entering and leaving the ring is the start and especially the finish of this. 

So, guess what NZ! That’s right, things are about to change for us. The IUC only reinforces my resolve after Brighton to lift the standard of officiating in NZ through higher detailed courses, the first of which is coming up in July, but more on that secret squirrel event later in the year. 

The afternoon was spent going over the new patterns scoring system, more sparring, per-arranged, special technique and power. We covered it all, finishing at 6.30 after a very long and productive day. There are also major changes to the team sparring score system. 

It was also great to see some of our top competitors there too, furiously writing down notes. You guys will have an advantage after attending the course, good move on your part. 

So many changes which is the reason why the TAG is running a ‘C’ course in each region. As GM Boss pointed out to us, especially with ‘holding/grabbing’ now upgraded to a foul, these new rules will change how coaches teach and officials judge, and a lot of the techniques competitors currently use will have to be discarded, and new systems adopted. 

A big thanks to you both sirs, a great course and also a big thanks for the way you patiently answered all questions and explained decisions.

Gwyn Brown V dan, ITFNZ
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