It was an honour for New Zealand to one again host an International Instructors Course. This 79th IIC was presented to over 145 students by the ITF Technical Committee consisting of Grand Master's Marano, Bos and Lan.
Masters also in attendance from Australia were Master Daher and Barbour. Master Kurt Ottesen came all the way from Canada to attend and assist with the IUC to be held on the Sunday.
This event included many insightful stories from the Grand Masters, as they taught theory with practicality and the importance of history and heart. For example, Grand Master Bos spoke of the history of pre-arranged sparring and of tournaments prior to sparring equipment.
Throughout the weekend, participants were amazed by Grand Master Marano's ability to to teach the basic techniques and to recall the exact version and page number of techniques from the encyclopedia.
Throughout the two day event, groups were separated by rank to allow content to be specifically tailored to each level. This provided an opportunity to go into much greater depth in terms of the analysis of movements and technique.
This IIC was especially special for New Zealand, with a senior grading held at the end of the final day. The NZ team coach, Mr Steve Pellow tested for 7th degree and for the first time in New Zealand, Master Paul McPhail and Master Evan Davidson for 8th degree. All were successfully promoted. 
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