Technical Seminars

During the last 3 months  the Italian Federation “FITAE-ITF” has organized their yearly our (4) Regional Technical Seminars held in the regions of Veneto, Lombardia, Toscana and Campania with a presence of over 500 participants.

Milano December 16th, 2012

Naples November 24th, 2012

Toscana, November 18th, 2012

Venice, November 17th, 2012 

The Italian Federation organizes these events conducted by the technical committee consisting of National Technical Director GM Wim Bos and  Committee Members Leandro Iagher 6th degree responsible for competition, Stefano Minotti 6th degree responsible for Umpire, Alessandro Cavidossi 6th degree responsible for Self Defense, Orlando Saccomanno 6th degree responsible for organization skills and Master Giovanni Cecconato 7th degree for traditional TKD. All the Seminars consists of 2 hours of Umpiring (morning part) and 4 hours (afternoon part)of training in traditional tkd, sport competition and self defense.

The Italian National Technical Committee

National Competition & Selection Training Seminars

Two (2) national team weekend trainings have been organized with a total of 150 participants training for 3 days during each seminar.

Italy's National Female Pattern Team

The competition trainings are conducted by National Team Coach Leandro Iagher 6th degree and his assistants Master Ciro Cammarato 7th degree from Naples, also regional trainer for south Italy, Fabio Iovane 6th degree, also regional trainer for center Italy and Orlando Saccomanno 6th degree, also responsible for North Italy.  Also a physiotherapist and athletic preparation trainer are present at all events.


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