Dear Members,

The ITF Board informs that Master Ruben D. Suarez 8th degree from New York, USA has been nominated Member of the ITF Umpire Committee.




Best Regards

Master Juan Ferrando

ITF Secretary General   

Master Rubén D. Suárez

107-08 32nd Avenue - East Elmhurst, New York 11369

Home:  718-651-8518   s   Work:  718-639-6998   s   Fax:  718-639-1641



Professional Training / Seminars:

2012                      75th International Instructor Course—ITF Technical Committee

August—Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

3rd ITF Kids Development Course

August—Benidorm, Spain

71st International Instructor Course—ITF Technical Committee

April—Nashville, TN-USA

2011                      63rd International Instructor Course—ITF Technical Committee

May—Clearwater, Florida-USA

61st International Instructor Course—ITF Technical Committee

March—Bogotá, Colombia

2010                      56th International Instructor Course—ITF Technical Committee

October—Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

52nd International Instructor Course—ITF Technical Committee

April—Denver, Colorado-USA

2009                      41st International Instructor Course—ITF Technical Committee

March—Queens, New York-USA

2008-2012           Umpire Seminar for 2008 ITF NY TKD Tournament Mr. Kurt Ottensen

                               Queens, New York-USA   

2008                      40th International Instructor Course—ITF Technical Committee

September—San Juan, Puerto Rico

36th International Instructor Course—ITF Technical Committee

June—Oakville, Ontario-Canada

33rd International Instructor Course—ITF Technical Committee

March—Austin, Texas-USA

ITF Technical Conference

January—Oakville, Ontario-Canada

2007                      25th International Instructor Course—ITF Technical Committee

April—Houston, Texas-USA

24th International Instructor Course—ITF Technical Committee

February—Bogotá, Colombia

                               ITF-USA Umpire Seminar, Master Pete Thibado

                               Queens, New York-USA

2006                      International Referee Seminar—ITF Technical Committee

Miami, Florida-USA  

First ITF Leadership Camp

July—Tegucigalpa, Honduras

Sparring, Self-Defense, & “Do” with Master Tran Triue Quan

February—Queens, New York-USA

Sparring Seminar with Mr. Jerzy Jedut

February—Québec, Canada

2004                      International Instructor Course—ITF Technical Committee

November—Queens, New York-USA

2003                      International Instructor Course—ITF Technical Committee

November—Montréal, Canada

Seminar with Master Benny Rivera

April—Queens, New York-USA

2002                      Sereff World Camp

July—Broomfield, Colorado-USA

187th International Instructor Course, Gen. Choi Hong-Hi

April—Broomfield, Colorado-USA

Special Meeting with Gen. Choi Hong-Hi

January—Vienna, Austria

2001                      20th International Instructor Course, GM Charles Sereff

April—San Luis, Missouri-USA

180th International Instructor Course, Gen. Choi Hong-Hi

February—Toronto, Canada

2000                      Seminar with Master Choi Hong-Hwa

November—North Haven, Connecticut-USA

Sereff  World Camp

July—Broomfield, Colorado-USA

1999                      153rd International Instructor Course, Gen. Choi Hong-Hi

Broomfield, Colorado-USA

1997                      USTF Referee Seminar “Class A”

Broomfield, Colorado-USA

Seminar with Master C.E. Sereff 


1995                      90th International Instructors Course, Gen. Choi Hong-Hi

Santa Barbara, California-USA

1st International Instructors Course by Master C.E. Sereff

Miami, Florida-USA

1989                      Seminar with Gen. Choi Hong-Hi

Tegucigalpa, Honduras

1988                      Seminar with Master Benny Rivera

Cali, Colombia



Referee Experience:

2012                      Jury President—4th ITF World Cup

                               Brighton, England

                               Jury President—PanAmerican ITF Championship

Trois-Rivieres, Québec-Canada

2009                      Jury President—XVI Senior / X Junior ITF World Championships

Mar del Plata, Argentina

2008                      Jury President—3rd ITF World Cup

                               Riva del Garda, Italy

2007                      USA Referee—XV Senior / IX Junior ITF World Championships

Québec, Canada

2006                      USA Referee—VIII Junior ITF World Championships

                               Tegucigalpa, Honduras

                               USA Referee—2nd ITF World Cup

                               Benidorm, Spain

2004                      USA Referee—VII ITF PanAmerican Championship

                               Asunción, Paraguay

2003                      USA Referee—XIII ITF World Championships

Warsaw, Poland



Teaching / Coaching:


1992 – Present                  Head Instructor—Queens Taekwon-Do Center

Jackson Heights, New York-USA

1996 – Present                  Teaches Taekwon-Do Seminar in Colombia once a year

2005 – Present                  Teaches Taekwon-Do Seminar in Puerto Rico once a year

2012                                      Sparring Seminar with Julio Carlos

November—Ottawa, Canada

OTF Technical Conference

October—Las Vegas, Nevada-USA

Sparring and Technical Seminar  with Julio Carlos and Prof Perlaza

August—Bogotá, Colombia

OTF Technical Conference

March—Newark, New Jersey-USA

Sparring Seminar with Julio Carlos—AXA ITF Taekwon-Do


Sparring Seminar with Julio Carlos and William Perlaza

                                January—Queens, New York-USA

2011                                      1st ITF-USA Technical and Referee Seminar

September—Queens, New York-USA

Taekwon-Do Seminar—Federación de Taekwon-Do ITF, Dominicana (FETAID)

                                               June—Santiago & Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

2010                                      Taekwon-Do Seminar

Ciudad de Guatemala, Guatemala

2009                                      Taekwon-Do Seminar

Ciudad de Guatemala, Guatemala

                                                ITF-USA Taekwon-Do Seminar

Mightyfist Taekwon-Do—San Jose, California-USA

2007                                      Taekwon-Do Seminar

                                               AXA ITF Taekwon-Do—Anguilla

                                                Taekwon-Do Seminar

                                               Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-USA

2004                                      USA Coach—VII ITF Junior World Championships

                                               Riccione, Italy

2001                                      USA Coach—XII ITF World Championships

Rimini, Italy

1999 – 2002                        Taekwon-Do Instructor Middle College LaGuardia High School

                                               Long Island City, New York-USA

1999                                      USA Coach—XI ITF World Championships

                                               Buenos Aires, Argentina

1997 – 1998                        Instructor Pomonok Community Center

                                               Flushing, New York-USA

  • Taught Taekwon-Do to children of the community

1985 – 1990                        Taekwon-Do Coach—Universidad del Valle

                                               Cali, Colombia   

  • Succeeded with the formation of national champions that represented the institution in college, local, regional, and national events

1985 – 1990                        Assistant Taekwon-Do Coach

                                               Valle, Colombia 

  • Prepared students physically, technically and tactically to represent the state in local, regional, and national events



1990—B.D. Physical Education and Health

Universidad del Valle, Cali, Colombia


Ranks and Certifications:

10/23/2011           8th Dan                  ITF#: A-8-16

11/14/2004           7th Dan                  ITF#: A-7-37

04/23/1999           6th Dan                  ITF#: A-6-51

10/22/1994           5th Dan                  ITF#: A-5-77

08/22/1990           4th Dan                  ITF#: CO-4-4

07/20/1984           3rd Dan                  ITF#: CO-3-10

08/08/1980           2nd Dan                  ITF#: CO-2-28

09/04/1976           1st Dan                  ITF#: CO-1-

April 1974 – September 1976:  White Belt through Black Stripe


1996—International Instructor Certificate #896

1997—USTF Referee “Class A”


Administrative Achievements:

August 2012 to present                     President  & Organizer, National Taekwon-Do Association (NTA-ITF)

2006 – 2012                                        Senior Vice-President, ITF-USA

2006 – 2012                                        Chairman Technical Director, ITF-USA


Career Highlights & Achievements

2009                                      Host of the 41st International Instructor Course

                                               Queens, New York-USA

2007                                      Organizer, Promoter, and Host—1st All North American & Caribbean Championship

                                               Queens, New York-USA 

 2001 – 2004                       Member of the USTF Panel Referee Seminar

2004                                      Hosted International Instructor Course—ITF Technical Committee

November—Queens, New York-USA

2002                                      Appointed Tournament Chairman Director of the ITF PanAmerican Championship

Ponce, Puerto Rico

2001                                      Dictated ITF / USTF Referee Seminar for NY Tournament

1996 – 2000                        Hosted  Annual ITF / USTF Referee Seminar

                                               Queens Taekwon-Do Center—Queens, New York-USA

1999                                       Hosted the Black Belt Seminar and Promotion Test with Grandmaster Sereff

                                               Queens, New York-USA

                                               Hosted the ITF / USTF Knife and Weapons Seminar

                                               Queens, New York-USA


Teaching Taekwon-Do for over 20 years, gaining national and international recognition for his numerous achievements and his dedication toward his students.


Dedicated time and effort to help improve the local community, using the Tenets of Taekwon-Do as tools of moral and social development.

Trained and coached his students to successfully achieve high ranks in local, regional, national, and international competition.


Coordinated the ITF New York Taekwon-Do Tournament (1996 – present)—the largest and longest-running ITF sanctioned Taekwon-Do tournament in the Northeastern United States.


In 2012 succeeded in organizing the National Taekwon-Do Association (NTA-ITF)—an official Allied Association (AA) of the ITF—with the consent of 13 other schools.

Succeeded in developing world-class competitors to represent their country in the following international events:


XVII        Senior ITF World Championships—Auckland, New Zealand

XVI         Senior ITF World Championships—Mar del Plata, Argentina

XV          Senior ITF World Championships—Québec, Canada

XIV         Senior ITF World Championship—Dortmund, Germany

XIII          Senior ITF World Championship—Warsaw, Poland

XII           Senior ITF World Championship—Rimini, Italy

XI            Senior ITF World Championship—Buenos Aires, Argentina

IX            Senior ITF World Championship—Malaysia

VII           Senior ITF World Championship—Montréal, Canada

VIII          Junior ITF World Championship—Tegucigalpa, Honduras

VII           Junior ITF World Championship—Riccione, Italy

VI            Junior ITF World Championship—Ponce, Puerto Rico

IV            ITF World Cup—Brighton, England

III             ITF World Cup—Riva del Garda, Italy

I               ITF World Cup—Orlando, Florida-USA

XI            PanAmerican Championship—Trois-Rivieres, Québec -Canada

IX            PanAmerican Championship—Florianópolis, Brasil

VIII          PanAmerican Championship—Montréal, Canada

VII           PanAmerican Championship—Asunción, Paraguay

VI            PanAmerican Championship—Montréal, Canada


Awards / Recognitions:

2007                       Received Award for the Best ITF Master-Instructor in the ITF Hall of Fame during the XV Senior / IX Junior ITF World Championships in Québec, Canada

                                Award of Recognition by the Colombian Consulate (Miami, Florida) for hus many years of work in the United States

2005                       USA-VIP for the XIV ITF World Championships in Dortmund, Germany  



Competitive Titles:

2001                      USTF Nationals Championship

January 21-22—Broomfield, Colorado-USA

1st Place Sparring (Senior Division)

2nd Place Breaking (Senior Division)

3rd Place Patterns (Senior Division)

1999                      USTF National Championship

April 24-25—Odessa, Texas-USA

1st Place Patterns (Senior Division)

2nd Place Sparring (Senior Division)

3rd Place Breaking (Senior Division)

1992                      USTF National Championship

November—Duxbury, Massachusetts-USA

                               1st Place Sparring (Senior Division)

1990                      VII ITF Senior World Championships

Montréal, Canada

3rd Place Patterns, III Dan

3rd Place Team Patterns, Colombia

1989                      II ITF Pan American Championship

                               Tegucigalpa, Honduras

                               3rd Place Patterns, III Dan

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