The Battle of Utrecht 2012

The Battle of Utrecht 2012 was held on 28 October in Utrecht Netherlands, three weeks after the World Cup in Brighton.

The organizer of the championship was Master James Tjin-A-Ton and his wife Liesbeth Willems with the help from volunteers from his club Taekwon-Do IN NAE DO KWAN.

This year there were more clubs, 40 and 370 competitors from  England, Belgium, Germany, Spain and even competitors from Malaysia. Also the European and World champions of all the ITF organizations of the Netherlands took part in this tournament; they compete in sparring and pattern, youth-juniors and seniors.

The Battle of Utrecht is one of the biggest and very competitive tournament in the Netherlands, every year we have more competitors also from other countries. Just like last year, instead of numbers on every competition area we had different color tablecloths so all the kids could find there field very easy, go to the red-blue-yellow-purple… field.
This year there was a big screen for the competitors, coaches and of course the spectators. So it was very clear which category was competing on what square on that moment.

In the pause there was a lottery for the audience .The lucky tickets received very nice prizes; Taekwon-Do dobok and bags, a pad for training, several posters with pattern 1-9, safety equipment and a head guard. Sponsored by the Top Ten distributor and Academie Gelderland.

The club Hwarang-Do from the national coach of Spain sabum Jose Carlos Revelles has won the nice overall cup together with the club Tapilatu. Congratulations.

Again we have received several compliments  form coaches, and parents, also a letter from the Spanish organization. Furthermore we had 80 umpires. Every year we have to refuse umpires who like be a part of the umpire team on the tournament, because it is always an good organized tournament with plenty of drinks, sweets and an very nice hot meal.

Next Battle of Utrecht 29 September 2013 before the World Championship in  Benidorm, SPAIN.  

 Be there!!! 

Master James Tjin-A-Ton

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