The weekend of August 3rd-5th Jones Dojang in Odessa, Texas held a USA training camp for the team’s training for the World Cup Championships to be held in Brighton, England in October. Mr. Russell Jones VI Dan brought in Master Marcello Cancelliere VII Dan from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Mr. Steven Cross V Dan from Midlothian, Texas, and Mr. Titus Durojaiye IV Dan from Jacksonville, Florida to help the teams train in patterns and sparring and other techniques that we will be needing to compete at the World Cup Level. The camp was attended by 20 students from blue belts up to III Dan Black belts.  We got off to a great start by working on some awesome footwork to use during sparring matches with Mr. Titus.  Then Master Cancelliere showed us some great techniques for warming up and then we jumped right in to some very good pattern work.  We also worked on specialty breaks and jumping techniques and power breaking with Mr. Cross and Mr. Titus. 

Overall, the intense workout brought to the team by Master Cancelliere and Mr. Titus Durojaiye, including the sparring partners brought by Mr. Cross really opened the door to the next level of training for the entire team.  Not only has the team gained a new understanding of how and what to train for, we have gained knowledge, being able to predict the weaknesses of our opponents in competition, but also always being aware of ours as well and striving each day to make ourselves just as strong as General Choi would have wanted.  By attending the 2012 USA training Camp hosted by the Jones Dojang for the 2012 ITF Brighton World Cup, those who will be competing overseas in Brighton, England have been trained in more modern techniques and we have seen the light! Those on the USA team whom were fortunate enough to attend the camp will be entering the ring in Brighton with an arsenal of smarter, faster, and just plain better techniques, not only for sparring but patterns also. Once the first bracket is called with an American in it, this weekend full of blood, sweat, tears and soreness will not have gone to waste.  For that, the entire team thanks the Jones Dojang and all who instructed and participated, in the 2012 USA Training Camp. It was a privilege and honor to train with Master Cancelliere, Mr. Jones, Mr. Cross, and Mr. Durojaiye.  We Thank You for your time and knowledge that you shared with us!

Sincerely,Team FEO Jones Dojang

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Date: 2012-09-13 14:36:00
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