Colombia - Bogotá - Sparring Competition Course

On August 25th - 26th , 2012 was held in Bogota City, Colombia the 2nd Sparring Competition Course conducted by Master Ruben Suarez (VIII Degree Black Belt), Professor William Perlaza (VI Degree Black Belt) and sparring world champion Julio Carlos (III Degree Black Belt), all three of them coming from USA.

About 70 practitioners participated between color belts and black belts students who enjoyed and learned the techniques transmitted by Master Ruben. The course had an intensity of 10 hours within which professor Perlaza work on physical preparation for the competition and varied exercises to prepare a competitor. Master Suarez imparted his knowledge with children and adults based on sparring sequences to improve the techniques, as well as taught a segment for patterns.

The last day the competitor Julio Carlos performed sparring with all the participants. One by one he showed the proper way to perform movements, attacks and defenses depending on the opponent.

Again Colombian Taekwon-Do practitioners were pleased with this great course.

As director of the International Academy of Taekwon-Do and organizer I appreciate all the support of Master Ruben Suarez in his contribution to spread Taekwon-Do in our country.

Yours in Taekwon-Do,



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