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ITF’s President GM Trajtenberg and Senior Vice President Master Weiler accompanied by Master Benzaquen from Argentina recently visited Seoul,South Korea, which obtained highly productive results.

During their stay they were accompanied and guided by Korea NA representative Mr. Kim Beom Suk, organizer of all meetings and visits.

The ITF believes that in view of the world’s Taekwon-Do situation and as a consequence of our recent initiatives within Sport Accord it managed to awaken the interest of WTF Taekwon-Do. Invited by WTF senior members with great courtesy and deference visits to important places took place, like the Kukkiwon, the Gyongsangnam government, organizer of the Asian games, who invited the ITF to take part in the Asian Games, and theKyonggi University, where a protocol of understanding was signed.


We learned that for the WTF, Taekwon-Do was born in 1972 and aware of that erasure in history, it might seem that the ITF could give back this piece of history and therefore received a excellent welcome.

We also noticed in various talks that WTF Taekwon-Do has its goal in the sport aspect. However many WTF practitioners are searching for a Martial Art which also includes our sparring system and ITF's social  way of approach. 

The Haidong Gumdo World Tournament was attended, which was the main purpose of our visit, since our presence was due to this invitation. Verbally a joint help was agreed which might later enable the ITF to be present in further demonstrational exhibitions events and seminars inSouth Korea. 


After evaluating this important trip the ITF looks forward to gradually harmonize and develop ITF Taekwon-Do in South Korea.


Picures above with various members like Gumdo President Mr. Kim Jeong Ho, WTF GM Chung Won Kap and GM Kim Deok Geun President of Righteous Taekwondo Solidarity.

The ITF congratulates the Argentinean instructors Santiago Pintos and Paola Bordón, who have been teaching the ITF system in Korea for some years.

Report by:

ITF President GM Trajtenberg  


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