Vietnam Report

I was invited to asist to a TKD class were the Vietnam TKD Federation (VTF) gave a little demostration and I took the oportunity to make them some technical corrections. Some picures were taken and I was invited to a nice restaurant and the members present were very curious to know about the position of the ITF in relation to VTF. I explained that is necessary to work more profesional and follow the ITF By Laws and to find good leadership to develop ITF in Vietnam. VTF also requested to arrange any kind of seminar in order to make progress for the ITF system in Vietnam.



During my visit to Vietnam I also met with Mr. Mariusz Steckiewicz and was invited to a nice dinner with his sponsor, a gentleman that is helping Mr. Stiekiewicz and making plans to the future.

Report by:

ITF President GM Pablo Trajtenberg


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date de: 2012-07-24 15:33:00
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